Can ticks and fleas on my dog’s body affect my health? (Query)

Have you noticed ticks and fleas on your dog's body and also around your house?

I have a 3-year-old dog and we try to keep him as clean as possible by giving him a bath every 10 days and washing his feet after walks. However, I noticed ticks and fleas on him and on our furniture and walls. We immediately started getting rid of the fleas on the dog and in our house. Can these ticks and fleas be dangerous for human beings?

This query is answered by Dr Rajesh Valand, ENT, Head & Neck Surgeon, BSES Hospital, Mumbai

One needs to be very alert and careful about keeping their house clean and free of any pests especially if there is a dog or cat in the house. Pets are very prone to infestation by ticks and fleas despite regular baths and make sure you consult your vet about over-the-counter medicines to get rid of them. If you have a dog, bathe it at least once a week and always use an anti-fleas and ticks shampoo.

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I have had many patients who have come to the Out Patient Department (OPD) complaining of a feeling of uneasiness and pain in their ears. On further examination, I found that it was because these ticks entered their ear. Recently, I had a patient who complained of intense pain in his ear following which I removed three ticks from the left ear. They were lodged deep inside his ear and were sucking on his blood. Luckily, the ear drum wasn t damaged since he came to the clinic in time.

Such cases are quite common. Ticks can also cause Lyme disease and a tick bite can lead to rashes, itching, bumps and redness as they tend to latch on to human beings as well. If you notice any tick bite on your body, avoid scratching it as it can cause infection. Instead, clean it with warm water and an antiseptic.

Other than ticks and fleas, Dr Valand says he has also removed cockroaches, ants, and other insects from his patients ears. Here's how to get rid of cockroaches naturally! It is important to keep your house clean and regularly not only clean your pet s bedding but also your kitchen and bathrooms where these insects usually tend to breed. These are the 5 natural ways to keep your house pest free.

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