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Can Stages Of Menstrual Cycle Boost Creativity? Find Out What Experts Say

Stages Of Menstrual Cycle Can Have An Impact On Women's Creativity

Stages of menstrual cycle can impact a woman starting from their physical aspect to their demeanor. Did you know it can also make them more creative?

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : August 24, 2022 9:35 AM IST

Ovulation in women is when the ovary releases a mature egg for fertilization with the sperm. This is a cycle that takes place once every month. This phenomena can impact the demeanor of an individual in many ways. Several studies have been conducted on this subject and each one has found something new and unique. Some state that women's breasts become more sensitive than usual during a particular stage, some others state that because of constant hormonal fluctuations, the sex drive of a woman could be high. Apart from physical changes, some behavioral changes have also been noted in women. Fluctuations in the mood is a common symptom but some women may experience higher productivity levels and become more creative, they might become more competitive and also experience a change in food preferences or clothing.

Experts have elaborated more on how menstrual cycle impacts a woman's creativity.

About The Study

A study based on this subject was published in the journal Frontiers In Psychology. According to it, women were noted to have their most creative and novel ideas during their ovulation stage. The experts assessed the phase of menstrual cycle of these women through urine-and-saliva-based-tests. After this they evaluated their creativity and the changes is creativity during every stage. The ideas that women came up with was also assessed and rated by professionals. After the entire experiment was done, researchers drew the conclusion that women during their ovulation period are indeed the most creative and original.

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Theories Put Forth By Experts Based On Studies

The researchers believe the link between ovulation and creativity may lie in our evolutionary underpinnings. Exerts have put forth the theory that the reproductive process could be linked to creativity levels. They state that creativity could be impacted by sexual drive and selection. During the period of ovulation, women's sex drive is naturally very high because that is the stage when a woman's ovaries can fertilize with a sperm. This drive could also drive their creativity.

One more study conducted in the same topic was published in 2021 in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. The study stated that the ideas generated by women during their ovulation period had more variations, frequent changes in perspective, fresh and unique.

Hormones Can Boost Creativity, Says Experts

Our bodies have certain neural hormones that can get triggered by the hormones. This is one very significant way ovulation and menstruation can boost a woman's creativity and productivity. Sexual hormones most particularly get triggered during ovulation. These can enhance a persons mood and impact the flexibility of the thought process. Women tend to feel more powerful and courageous which leads them to take risks and try new things, be it in their personal life or professional life. This is when they are able to break through the mental blocks.

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