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Yoga for back pain: Try these yoga asanas

It is time you try yoga for back pain relief ©Shutterstock

Ditch the painkillers, try these yoga asanas to deal with back pain. Do these consistently to get complete relief from back pain.

Written by Upneet Pansare |Published : November 9, 2018 10:49 AM IST

Back pain can cripple your daily activities and your life. It can completely put you out of action. While you may be relying on painkillers and other medication for your backache, it is time you start practising yoga asanas for dealing with back pain. Here are some that you must do but only after consultation with a yoga teacher or a doctor:

1) Kapotasana or the pigeon pose: This bends the back providing a deep stretch to your hips, neck, spine, shoulders and hands. The posture is also great to tone your abdominal muscles, relieve sciatica (lower back) pain, stress and anxiety.

To do the pose: Sit in vajrasana. Inhale and slowly bend your body backwards. Lift your body up a little and take the support of your hands if required.Now keep your shoulders firm and bring your chest upwards. Get your hands behind your back and place them at the back of your pelvic region. Now slowly try to bring your shoulders backwards. Keep your hips steady and do not move them. Then bend your head backwards and try to hold your toes with your hands. While you do this, your head must rest on the sole of your feet.

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2) Salamba sirsasana or supported headstand: This yoga asana will strengthen your spine, neck, shoulders and arms and relieve upper back and neck pain.

To do the pose: Get into marjariasana or cat pose. Place the top of your head on the ground between your hands.

Move your legs closer to your chest and try to transfer the weight of your body on your head and hands. Now gradually raise one of your foot and then the other till your body weight is totally supported by your hands and head. Raise your body so that it is fully erect in an inverted position. Take deep, consecutive breaths and remain in this position for as long as you can.

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