Why do I get back pain when I am bedridden for long? (Query)

Read to know why you feel back pain when you are bedridden for long!

I am a 26-year-old man. I was suffering from malaria and was bedridden for more than a week. Even though I was feeling better, I was very weak for around 10 days and was advised bed rest. During this time, I also experienced severe back pain. My mom said it is due to bed rest. Is it true? Does being bedridden for a long lead to back pain? Please answer.

The query is answered by Dr Akanksha Sharma, Spine Specialist from Qi Spine Clinic, Mumbai.

It is true that spending extended periods inactive in bed makes you vulnerable to bed sores, also known as pressure sores. Not just this, it also leads to ulcers as well as increases your risk to infections such as cellulitis. However, the most common health problem that is seen in almost every person bedridden for long is back pain. When you are unwell, you spend most of the time either sleeping or taking rest, which puts pressure on the back, hips and legs. And this is the reason, why being bed ridden is a threat of muscle atrophy and shortening, which describes the process of muscle loss and weakness. The back pain due to muscle weakness is because the muscle tissue takes 70% of your body load and protects the bones, discs and nerves. As the spine is made up of bones, nerves, discs and muscle tissue, muscle weakness also puts the spine in trouble leading to severe back pain. Here are few expert tips to avoid bed sores when you are bedridden for long.

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One of the most serious challenges for anyone who is undergoing recuperation is the lack of activity, which makes muscle atrophy inevitable. The effects can be particularly severe for back pain as chronic back pain often develops as a result of muscle weakness in the spine. However, the good thing about back pain when bedridden is that you can prevent it with simple exercises. The exercises that stretch and strengthen the muscles can help to prevent muscle loss and aid in dealing with back pain. Here are 5 common physical exercises that can help prevent or treat back pain problems when you re cooped up in bed for long following an injury or illness.

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