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Want a healthy spine? Follow these posture tips

Please follow these tips to change your posture before it's too late.

Written by Upneet Pansare |Updated : August 23, 2018 1:30 PM IST

A good posture is necessary not just because it makes you appear smart. Stooping of your back, spine and neck and head can have disastrous effects on your overall health. You could get backaches, spine damage, slip disc and cervical pain. From elderly and middle-aged people to kids, everyone needs a lesson or two on how to stand and sit erect. Sitting for long hours on chairs, working on computers, scrolling on mobile phones are some of the new age causes of bad postures among the population. It is important to follow some important tips to correct your posture:

Pay attention to the lower back while sitting. Make sure that the lower back is well rested.

Avoid slouching.

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Pay attention to your foot position. Strike the heel first while putting your foot down when you walk. This helps you avoid knee pain and lower back problems in the long run.

Use the palms and elbows as weight bearers while getting up from a sleeping position and not your neck. It will save you from cervical pain.

Avoid jerks and twists while carrying weights. It saves one from inter-vertebral slip disc.

Tie a cloth tied around the waist to serve as a brace during heavy work that involves lifting and bending. This prevents slip discs. "Farmers never had disc slips despite intense work. But even with no physical work, people are facing back problems, just sitting in front of the system/desktop. We should use bracing for our back," explains Dr. Himabindu, trainer for Spinecare Yoga programme at The Art of Living International Ashram.

Do you spend a lot of time in front of your computer?

If your answer is yes, make sure you follow these suggestions:

1. Your elbow should be rested.

2. Rest your wrist while typing.

3. Keep your system at eye level.

"About 80-85% of patients visiting my clinic with pain complaints can be simply helped with posture correction instead of expensive and invasive and crippling surgeries. The spine is a channel of energy flow and it connects each and every cell of the whole body to the brain. Hence, a good alignment facilitates a good flow of healing energy. Every posture affects this alignment and hence, attention to your posture is needed for a happy, healthy and pain-free life," says Dr Himabindu.

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