5 expert tips to alleviate back pain while driving

Going on a road trip? Bookmark this page to mitigate back pain and spinal problems.

Driving down to work or going on road trips is very common. While we might enjoy driving, there are lasting impacts of driving for longer hours on our spine and back. Sitting and driving are different from each other and we need to realize that. When you are driving, your spine suffers the impact of acceleration, deceleration, side to side swaying, or up and down vibrations and more depending on the condition of the road. Your feet are also constantly in use which means that they are not supporting or stabilizing the body as they do in a stable seated position. Research suggests that these factors coupled with the design of the car seat can increase the chances of back & spine problems. Travel a lot? Follow these 8 expert tips to prevent a backache!

So to help you alleviate back pain and lower your risk of spinal problems, we have Dr AA Mehra, Senior Consultant Spine and Neuro Surgeon, Amandeep Hospitals sharing few tips to be kept in mind while going on a road trip. These include:

1. Get comfortable: As you set out on your trip, make sure that you are at your most comfortable position and do not ignore even the slightest of irritants. These small irritants may lead to severe discomfort later on. Make sure that you are sitting in the right posture, take care of the distance and angle of reaching the steering wheel, position your knees slightly higher than your hips, remove wallet, mobile phone or any other object from your back pocket, and take care of any other discomfort while choosing your position.

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2. Take small breaks: When going on a long drive, back pain can get aggravated due to long stretches of driving. It is important that you take well-timed breaks in order to limit any pain in the back or any lasting damage to the spine. In these breaks do some stretches and walk around a bit, to make sure that you get the blood flowing for the journey ahead.

3. Carry ice pack: People who suffer from back pain would do well to carry some ice or cold packs, which are great to alleviate any back pain induced by long driving hours.

4. Warm up: Back pain can be alleviated by warming up the muscles in the lower back. This can be accomplished with the help of a heating pad, heat wraps which can be applied directly to the skin and many such other products available in the market. Here are ways to combat back pain with yoga asanas.

5. Opt for lumbar support: The most important thing for an alleviation of back pain is lumbar support. Sit as far back as possible in the seat to provide support to the natural S shape of the spine. Some of the car seats do not provide good lumbar support, in such cases, it is wise to carry cushions that are specially designed for lumbar support.

While these tips can help you with the back pain during driving, in case the pain persists, it is better to visit a specialist for the problem. Remeber that the spine problems that accompany these pains need immediate professional attention. Also, read about 8 everyday activities that harm your back and tips to prevent it.

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