Are you cleaning your butt the right way after pooping?

Are you cleaning  your butt the right way after pooping?

From wiping to washing with water here's everything you need to know about cleaning your butt the right way.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Published : November 24, 2017 4:23 PM IST

Do you even know how to clean your butt? You might find this question silly since you have been cleaning your backside longer than you have been able to write. But you may not be cleaning your butt the right way. You need to take a closer look at your butt wiping technique in order to improve the doing of your business. Here's how you should be doing it according to dermatologist Dr Sejal Shah.

Cleaning with dry toilet paper

If you are using dry toilet paper, the first rule is not to wipe it too hard or fast. Wiping your butt too vigorously can irritate your anal area and cause painful conditions like haemorrhoids. In fact, you should just gently dab and not wipe if you do not want to end with micro cuts from toilet papers. While the direction you wipe your butt does not really matter, for a woman wiping from front to back can prevent urinary tract infection.

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Cleaning with wet wipes

Do not use wet wipes to clean your butt as they contain preservatives like methylisothiazolinone which can cause allergic reactions. Here's a guide to keeping your butt hole healthy.

Cleaning with water

Using a hand-held shower head can be your best strategy for cleaning your butt. Also, use a soap that is gentle on your skin. Remember to clean the area during shower apart from cleaning it after a bowel movement.And no matter how you like to clean your butt always make sure that you are seated while you do it as it ensures meticulous cleaning and full area coverage.

Protip-- Remember frequent wiping can make your bum really sore especially if you have eaten something very spicy. Until your sore bum feels better to use wet wipes or clean the area with water as dry tissue papers can feel extremely irritating. Just gently towel dry and use a diaper rash cream to prevent further irritation. Here's a thorough cleaning routine for all the creases on your body.

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