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Are natural remedies for PCOS or PCOD effective?

Read this before you opt for natural remedies to treat PCOS or PCOD.

Written by Debjani Arora |Updated : August 7, 2018 2:07 PM IST

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Suffering from PCOD (polycystic ovarian diseases) or PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is painful. Imagine all those painful, irregular periods, weight gain, acne and inability to conceive can be very depressing. While medical attention is needed to deal with this condition, since it is a common one of the female endocrine system, there are people who resort to natural remedies.

The internet and even many quacks who promise relief from the condition and treat infertility swear by natural remedies like fennel, fenugreek, flaxseed and a host of other herbs. However, what got me thinking is whether a condition like this can really be corrected with such natural remedies. We got DrShobha Gupta, Medical Director, IVF Specialist from Mother s Lap IVF Centre, Delhi to share thoughts on this.

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Can natural remedies help treat PCOS/PCOD?

One should understand that the condition is due to hormonal imbalance, and a lot of lifestyle changes along with medical help is needed to address the situation. Avoiding junk food and reducing weight are the first step in controlling this hormonal disorder as obesity is also seen in most women suffering from the same. Having a balanced diet also is a part of the lifestyle modification which can help in restoring the hormonal imbalances. In fact, these are the natural ways to keep the condition in check along with proper medications.

Can herbs and seeds really help in treating the condition?

There is no harm in trying them. There are studies that say that seeds like flaxseeds and fennel do help to regulate the hormonal levels. However, conventional practitioners might not totally depend on them. If one needs to use them, it is better to do your routine tests prescribed by your doctor to keep a check on your hormone levels. Especially, if one is suffering from PCOD and obesity simultaneously, relying only on natural remedies might not be enough. Corrective lifestyle and medications are a necessity. If the condition remains uncontrolled it could also lead to infertility, anovulation (unable to ovulate), difficulty in conceiving, hirsutism (unwanted facial or body hair) are just few problems to name.

What is the best way to control the condition?

Treating PCOS or PCOD is a three-pronged approach diet, exercise and medical help. Even if you want to resort to natural remedies to get relief don t forget to get tested with your doctor to check your hormonal levels. Untreated PCOS or PCOD is a leading cause of infertility in most women in reproductive age. So don t self-treat if you suffer from this condition and get the right help.

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