Top 6 reasons to visit a naturopath

The aim is to get you well, not to put you on medicine. This is where a naturopath comes in.

You call your family physician (MD) and maybe your parents when you feel unwell. That's what we all do, right? But sometimes an allopath may not be the best go-to person for your ailment because some conditions can be cured without drugs too! The aim is to get you well, not to put you on medicine. This is where a naturopath comes in. In fact, there are some conditions which are better managed with natural cures and techniques than conventional drugs. Here are some reasons for you to opt for a naturopath.

He is your primary physician

A naturopathic doctor completes an intensive 4-year programme and gets educated in the same biological and clinical sciences as a medical doctor. That is why he is equally capable of diagnosing and assessing a health condition. Moreover, he is trained to take a holistic approach towards health and healing using nutrition, herbs and other natural resources like air, water, light, etc. Your naturopath can also refer you to a more specialised practitioner if necessary. All these make him your go-to primary physician.

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He will provide the best second opinion

Your physician may suggest a surgery for a kidney or gallbladder stone, or, an insulin shot for your high blood sugar. But your naturopath may ask you to be patient and go for alternative non-invasive natural remedies which have no side effects as well. However, you are the best person to decide what you want to opt for, depending on the severity of your symptoms and condition.

A naturopath's focus is the cause of an ailment

Uprooting the cause of a condition is always a better option than finding remedies for the superficial symptoms. That's what a naturopath does. For example, your sleep medicine practitioner may suggest a tranquiliser if you are sleep-deprived, but your naturopath will factor in the underlying causes (life situations like stress and depression, your food habits, sedentary lifestyle, etc.) and suggest solutions to tackle those factors.

He pays attention to 'minor' issues too

Bloating, headache, muscle spasm, depleted energy levels and brain fog are many of the niggling health worries that all of us go through in our day-to-day lives. Conventional medicine considers them to be 'normal' as they do not have any long-term consequence. But then, these are NOT normal by any means. They may not have serious health implications, but these issues affect your functionality for sure. Thankfully, your naturopath 's medicine box will have solutions to these so-called minor health troubles too.

A naturopath helps you fight chronic diseases

There are ailments that trouble you for years despite taking medications. Your naturopath will have a solution for these stubborn conditions as well. He may be able to reverse the condition or prevent its progression by restoring your body balance through naturopathic techniques like dietary recommendations and other lifestyle modifications.

He has an integrative approach towards your treatment

Yes, your naturopath will be able to include science-based natural remedies alongside your conventional medicines. This wholesome approach will give you the best results.

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