How solarised water gives you a healthier life

How solarised water gives you a healthier life

Know the benefits of different colours of solarized water, including the one colour that can enhance confidence in relationships.

Written by Kristina Das |Updated : July 12, 2018 7:06 PM IST

Sometimes it actually happens, you know. The whole universe (read natural forces) 'conspires' to make sure that everything in your life falls in place. This is exactly the case with solarised or sun charged water. Water and sunlight get together with colours to make sure that the host health issues that trouble you, are fixed. All you need to do is take a clean and coloured glass bottle (don't use plastic bottles as they contain cancer-causing agents), fill it up with filtered water, cover with cotton fabric and keep it under the sun for about 8 to 12 hours before drinking the water. Sunlight exposure helps water to absorb the vibrational energy of the colour used in the glass bottle. This process, known as solarising, treats a wide range of ailments. Here are the various benefits of those coloured bottles of water.

Blue solarised water

Blue is perfect for relaxation, regeneration and sleep. This colour can help to bring to a state of peace, it is a highly effective colour for spiritual growth, communication and meditation. Blue solarised water can dissolve nervousness and stress, decrease blood pressure and heart rate. It is useful in the treatment of tension and anxiety.

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Have it right: Drink throughout the day. You can also dab blue solar water on cuts, sores and pimples. Add a few drops to your bath water and before you go to sleep spray a light mist in your bedroom.

Red solarised water

Red is best for gaining energy and uplifting the mood. This colour boosts sluggish circulation. Red solarised water can help you to get rid of tiredness and lethargy. If you have low blood pressure you should definitely drink red solar water.

Have it right:Sip a glass of red water in the morning to get yourself going.

Orange solarised water

Orange solarised water is good for blood sugar, digestion, hormonal imbalances and also for diabetic imbalances. This colour helps to enhance confidence in relationships and can make you feel more joyful. It can alleviate period cramps or muscle spasms.

Have it right: Drink throughout the day instead of normal water if you have any of these above-mentioned problems.

Yellow solarised water

Yellow solarised water is best for weight loss. The yellow colour is considered as the weight corrective colour. This colour is also good for memory issues, wisdom and illumination. It works as a laxative. Yellow solar water can also prevent urine infections and it can also help you to cleanse your skin.

Have it right: Drink yellow water half an hour before eating.

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