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World Homeopathy Awareness Week 2018: Can Parkinson's disease be treated with homeopathy?

World Homeopathy Awareness Week 2018: Can Parkinson's disease be treated with homeopathy?

Renowned expert Dr Shreepad Khedekar speaks about the scope of homeopathy in treating Parkinson's disease.

Written by Sandhya Raghavan |Updated : April 12, 2018 2:50 PM IST

Legendary boxer Mohammed Ali had taken on some of the most accomplished fighters of his time. But it was off the ring that he met his toughest opponent, -- Parkinson s disease. The world watched the disease reduce the fighter into a shadow of his former self. Ali is just one among the many famous people who lost the battle to the deadly disease. Millions of people suffering from Parkinson s disease struggle to carry out their daily activities due to the tremors and stiffness of the limbs.

Who is at risk?

  • More men than women Men have a 50 percent more chance of being affected by Parkinson s. However, recent studies have indicated that in India, women are the ones who are more at risk.
  • Age The e onset of Parkinson s is between ages 50 years and 70 years. But the average age of diagnosis is 62 years.
  • Head trauma One of the leading causes of Parkinson s is head trauma according to Dr Shreepad Khedekar, MD, Imperial Clinics. Mohammed Ali endured repeated blows to head during his career has a boxer; this is thought to be the cause of his Parkinson s.
  • Ones undergoing psychiatric treatment In case the person is treated for psychiatric illnesses, the drugs meant for depression and psychosis can cause what is called drug-induced Parkinson s.

Allopathic treatment options comprise the drug Levodopa, which is synthesised in the body to produce dopamine. Others include dopamine agonists, Apomorphine, Glutamate antagonist, Anticholinergics, COMT inhibitors, MAO-B inhibitors, surgical intervention and Deep brain stimulation (DBS) a form of stereotactic surgery.

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In the recent years, homeopathy as a holistic treatment option is being explored. Although the disease cannot be cured, homeopathy is touted to slow down the degenerative process of the disease. This year, World Homeopathy Awareness Week focuses on the ailments of the elderly and how they can benefit from this holistic form of treatment.

In order to shed some light on the role of homeopathy in treating Parkinson's, we got in touch with renowned homeopath Dr Shreepad Khedekar, MD, Imperial Clinics. He says, " Early symptoms of Parkinson's such as change in handwriting can be treated in totality with the help of homeopathy."

"A male patient came to me with chief complaint of change in handwriting diagnosed as early Parkinsonism. We put him on Conium in order to treat him. Subsequent follow ups showed improvement in his condition," he adds. Although Parkinson's disease cannot be completely cured, the patient showed remarkable progress. Addressing his ailment early with homeopathy had helped in slowing and arresting the progression of the disease.

Why homeopathy?

  • Homeopathy can help in slowing down the progression of Parkinson's in the initial stages.
  • Homeopathic remedies are meant to stimulate the body to heal itself.
  • They don t have undesirable side effects and are safe even for the elderly.
  • The remedies don t make the body develop resistance to them. In case of allopathic medicines, the drug doses have to be raised to tackle with the body s decreasing response.

What homeopathic remedies used for the treatment of Parkinson's?

  • Agaricus
  • Argentum -nitricum
  • Aurum Metallicum,
  • Bufo rana
  • Conium
  • Gelsemium
  • Helonius Hyoscyamus
  • Mercurius
  • Nux Vomica
  • Phosphorus
  • Plumbum Met
  • Rhustox
  • Tarentula
  • Thuja
  • Zincum

In addition to homeopathy, how can caregivers help?

Owing to the debilitating nature of the disease, people suffering from Parkinson's often have to be dependent on their caregivers to carry out their day-to-day activities. Their job as a caregiver can sometimes be very challenging and heartbreaking. Despite which, they can do a lot to ease the lives of their loved ones afflicted with Parkinson's disease.

  • Help them simplify their daily tasks.
  • Remove clutter and obstruction in the house to minimise accidents by tripping.
  • Read up about the disease, its symptoms and its progression.
  • Ensure that your loved one does miss out on medications.
  • Follow up regularly with the doctor.
  • Help your loved one with exercise.
  • Be realistic about their progress.


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Shreepad Khedekar has treated world famous tennis star Novak Djokovic for Asthma. Has also cured many European football stars playing the European premiere league and the English premier league. He has his own practice in Europe and believes in research, has submitted hundreds of case studies to medical journals internationally. He is a physician, teacher, researcher and author who has written four books on homeopathy. He specialises in handling severe and complex pathologies by using a simple yet effective holistic approach. He operates through his clinics in Dadar and Belgrade and is also a consultant at Shushrusha Hospital, Mumbai.

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