7 Reasons Why You Should Decorate Your House With Plants 

Green Plants Promote Better Mental And Physical Health

Green plants are known to purify toxic air. Keeping plants in your apartment especially if you are living in a city will promote your general well being.

When you are living in a concrete jungle, it could be difficult to be able to breathe fresh air. Cities do not have as much greenery as countryside do. But plants and nature form an important part of our health routine. Why is there less pollution in the countryside? Well, one reason is that the population might be less and that would mean less automobiles. But another important part is the presence of forest covers and trees. Trees and plants automatically suck all the toxicity from the air. This is why it is important that you have plants in your apartment even if you are living in a city. There are some specific plants that not only purify the atmosphere but also create a calm, soothing, positive effect. In addition to that, they are aesthetically pleasing. If you are redecorating your house, do not get fairy lights or fancy lamps, get plants.

Benefits Of Keeping Plants In Your Home

  • Keeping plants at home might not be the same as going for a walk in the woods with tall trees all around you, but it is one step close to a healthy environment. Plants can lift your mood and reduce stress levels in the body.
  • A study conducted in Seoul, Korea, states that plants help with concentration. They can help you work better and sleep better.
  • Plants can also be called natural therapeutic elements. It can help people suffering from mental stress, issues, anxiety, dementia and depression.
  • Plants are also known to accelerate healing. Experts say that plants accelerate the recovery process of a person who has suffered an injury or has an illness or just had a surgery. Plants promote healing in every way.
  • Plants help boost productivity. According to reports, offices that have plants have employees who are less stressed, more energetic and motivated. Plants are also known to boost one's creativity. There is a reason why artists prefer working amidst nature.
  • Plants are natural air purifiers. Green plants perform something called phytoremediation. It scrubs contaminants in the air.
  • Plants also improve a person's mental satisfaction.

The bottom line is that plants are harmless. But, before you redecorate your apartment or house with plants, make sure that nobody in your house is allergic to pollen. But then, there are some plants, which are absolutely safe for everyone, like money plant, bamboo palm, aloe vera, peace lily, golden pothos, English ivy, weeping fig, etc. It's time for you to live in a clean and fresh environment.

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