All you need to know about the impacted wisdom teeth and prevention after extraction

Dr Ajay Mathur suggests visiting a dentist or an oral and maxillofacial surgeon immediately, if one experiences excruciating pain.

The wisdom tooth is considered as impacted when it gets stuck under the gum or doesn't have enough room to erupt. Dr Ajay Mathur, Head Department of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery, Hiranandani Hospital Vashi- A Fortis Network Hospital, answers your queries about what happens when the wisdom teeth are impacted and how to take care after the removal of the wisdom teeth.

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What happens when the wisdom tooth is impacted?

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Wisdom teeth can push around your other teeth, causing bite problems and mouth pain. Your wisdom teeth reside at the back of your mouth so they may become impacted and get trapped in your gums or jawbone causing pain.

The swollen gums can lead to the development of pockets around the teeth, causing bacteria to grow, tooth decay and cavities.

It can make your oral hygiene difficult. Jaw damage is another potential problem caused due to the impacted wisdom teeth.

If left untreated, wisdom teeth can hollow jaw and damage nerves.

Growing in at the wrong angle can cause wisdom teeth to press against neighbouring teeth, leading to pain and other problems,

Gum tissue can swell and become difficult to clean and alignment problem can occur.

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Prevention after removal:

Swelling, pain and discomfort if often experienced and it is a natural part of the overall healing process.

Post-extraction surgery, recovery time may take a few days or even a week, it also depends on how your wisdom tooth has erupted and if it was impacted and how well you follow the dentist's instructions.

Avoid eating solid foodstuffs.

Don't self-medicate or opt for any home remedies as it can be dangerous. Seek immediate medical help if the problem worsens.

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