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Get rid of plaque and bad breath with lemongrass oil mouthwash

Fight dental plaque and keep cancer at bay with this natural mouthwash.

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Updated : September 15, 2015 9:53 AM IST

Do you wake up with bad breath even after brushing your teeth at night? Try using a mouthwash along after brushing to get rid of this problem. It not only prevents bad breath but also helps in maintaining the overall health of your pearls. There is some research that suggests that a mouthwash works better than toothpaste in clearing plaque. To know more on why you need a mouthwash, read this.

However, did you know that excessive use of mouthwash can lead to throat cancer due to the high alcohol content present in it? Hence, it is best to use natural mouthwash to clear plaque and eliminate bad odour. Here s how you can prepare your own lemongrass oil mouthwash.

How lemongrass oil helps

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Plaque is basically a biofilm made on your teeth. The lemongrass essential oil helps in busting that layer or film formed by bacteria to prevent plaque formation and remove plaque if any. In fact, according to a study[1] published in the Global Journal of Medical Research, lemongrass oil is the most effective in removing plaque as compared to a slurry toothpaste and chlorhexdine mouthwash. The fresh, citrusy fragrance of lemongrass will also help in keeping mouth odour at bay.

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How to use

Dilute 2-3 drops of lemongrass oil in a cup of water and use as a mouthwash twice a day. You can fill this solution and store it in a bottle for a week.

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