Alcohol And Cancer: There Is No Safe Level Of Alcohol Use, Says WHO

Alcohol And Cancer: There Is No Safe Level Of Alcohol Use, Says WHO
Alcohol And Cancer: There Is No Safe Level Of Alcohol Use, Says WHO

In a recent statement, the WHO stated that even the smallest amount of alcohol can risk the development of cancer.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : January 9, 2023 5:36 PM IST

Many studies and researches have been conducted on the impact of alcohol on our body. Among the research findings, some state that moderate consumption of wine is good for our heart health, and moderate consumption of alcohol in general is also not bad at all. Instead, the positive aspects seemed to outweigh the negative ones. But recently, according to the World Health Organization stated and warned that no amount of alcohol is healthy for us. Even the least amount consumed has a negative impact on health. Moreover, the global health body in a statement in The Lancet Public Health has said that the risk of developing cancer increases substantially the more alcohol is consumed and that 200 million people are at risk of developing alcohol-attributable cancer in Europe.

According to the latest data analysis, it revealed that almost half of the cancers caused due to alcohol were because of light and moderate consumption. This could be a cautionary tale for people who love drinking one glass of wine or one bottle of beer every day.

Report By WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) made a statement saying, "Alcohol causes at least seven types of cancer, including the most common cancer types, such as bowel cancer and female breast cancer. Ethanol (alcohol) causes cancer through biological mechanisms as the compound breaks down in the body, which means that any beverage containing alcohol, regardless of its price and quality, poses a risk of developing cancer."

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According to the health body, a valid scientific evidence is required which can demonstrate the level of alcohol consumption, which could be safe without any injury to our health. In the statement give by them they clarified that there is no such scientific evidence that has specified the level of safe alcohol consumption. Therefore, the carcinogenic effects of the drink will switch on and begin to manifest in our body even when we drink very little amount.

There Is No Safe Level Of Alcohol Use

People use to think that there was a safe amount of alcohol but this is not the truth anymore, especially when it comes to cancer. The drinker automatically becomes an at risk person as soon as he or she takes the first sip of alcohol. The more we drink, the more we are at risk. Yes, moderate drinking might save us from other diseases like diabetes, heart problems but cancer is not one of them. WHO noted that, globally, European Region has the highest alcohol consumption level and the highest proportion of drinkers in the population with over 200 million people at risk of developing alcohol-attributable cancer.