Air Pollution Is Causing A Rise In Skin Allergies In Delhi NCR: How To Stay Safe?

Air Pollution Is Causing A Rise In Skin Allergies In Delhi NCR: How To Stay Safe?
Air Pollution Is Causing Skin Allergies In Delhi NCR: How To Stay Safe?

Doctors report that terrible air quality in NCR is causing a rise in skin allergies and skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : December 1, 2023 8:56 PM IST

The region of North India, especially Delhi and the National Capital Region has been the hotspot for unfathomable air pollution for years. This year however, it breached all levels. Between the month of September and October some regions in Delhi recorded an AQI of 999 while other recorder nothing below 500. Even unpredictable rain could not save the city from this terrible AQI.

Recently, hospitals in Noida region reported a stark rise in cases pertaining to skin allergies. The health experts claim that these allergies are being cause by none other than air pollution. As per reports, almost 300 patients consulted doctors with similar problems in the last week and since then there has been 100% increase in such cases.

Skin Allergies On The Rise In Noida

Health officials say that the people have been coming to them with skin problems like psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and eczema. Majority of the cases are pertaining to these three problems. These skin problems do not have a permanent cure and require long-term medications. They may also get aggravated due to pollution, lack of moisture and harsh winter climate. Some of the common symptoms that patients are reporting are rashes on the arms and behind the knees. However, doctors warn that symptoms may show up in any place.

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How To Stay Safe?

Here's what doctors recommend:

  1. Always wear a mask when you go out.
  2. Try to cover your body as much as you can so that your skin is not exposed to the pollutants.
  3. Moisturise right after your bath and make sure to not let your skin go dry. Dryness will cause psoriasis flare up.
  4. Do not take hot baths.
  5. Wear cotton clothes under woolen clothes. Wool may irritate the skin even more.
  6. Ask for an anti-allergic medication from doctors if necessary.
  7. Drink a lot of water.
  8. Eat healthy anti-inflammatory diet.