Advantages and disadvantages of going commando

Go commando! But read about these advantages and disadvantages of not wearing panties or underwear first.

Every woman anticipates that moment in the day when she can just take her bra off and free her boobs out of that cage. It's like every woman lives for that moment. While some of us might dare to go braless but not all of us must have thought of forsaking panties. Now, I can't really talk for men, but I am sure you guys too don't really like being caged down there. So how about going commando? Ever thought about it?

But, before you decide to go bare, here are all the advantages and cons of going commando you should know!

Let's begin with the disadvantages--

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1. No support--Like a good bra is all about support a good underwear too, offers support. You know how good it feels to wear well fitting clothes, right? It increases your confidence! Well, fitting underpants do the same thing. So go commando, and you are more likely o feel vulnerable!

2. Chafing--This could be another significant disadvantage. If there's no layer in between your pants and your organs, the seams of your pants are bound to rough up against your penis or vagina, and there are high chances of the skin getting irritated or you could also get a rash.

3. Clothes can get spoiled--It's very natural for the vagina and the penis to discharge its secretions throughout the day and when there's no barrier between your clothes and the organs, the discharge can stain the clothes and spoil them.

4. Accidental flashing--Nothing could be more embarrassing than flashing your privates to a bunch of people while bending down in a case of women and forgetting to zip up in the case of men. Wait, there's something more terrible than that. Getting arrested for flashing everyone in your way!

5. The zipper--Men, this one, is for you. Just imagine the agony if your member gets stuck in the zipper! This is definitely one of the things you should never do to your penis.

Advantages of going commando

1. Better sperm production--Now, I couldn't find a study or a paper that says going commando promotes better sperm health, but it is widely believed that testicles work more efficiently when they are at a lower temperature than the body's core temperature. Now, wearing underwear that is fitting creates a hot, non-breathable environment for the testicles which might interfere with their functioning. Plus, you must have heard doctors advising wearing underwear that is loose for better sperm health. Going by that logic, if you want better swimmers, you've got to go commando!

2. Vagina breathes--You are more likely to get a candida infection when you are not wearing the right type of underwear (cotton or other breathable fabrics). Material such silk, satin, nylon traps the heat and raises the temperature of the vagina. This temperature is optimum for candida to grow and hence you become more prone to the infection. So if you go commando, you are less likely to get an infection.

3. No panty lines --No underwear, no panty lines, no peeping waistband!

4. No wedgies--You know what it feels like when the panty gets stuck up your butt, right? None of all that when you go commando. No trying to adjust your position hoping that the underwear might just slip out of that awkward place!

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