Urinary Tract Infection after intercourse? Here’s the link between the two

While you enjoy your act with your partner, does it get uneasy and uncomfortable for you down there after the intercourse? If yes, you might be getting Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

Many women complain of burning, itching and an uncontrollable need to pee after they are done with intercourse. These are UTI symptoms and it's common. However, that doesn't mean that you have to stay away from your partner or from sex. Women are more likely to get UTIs and, therefore, you need to do something about it.

This happens because, in women, the urethra, the tube from where urine exits the body, is shorter than men and, therefore, bacteria quickly reaches the bladder. Also, women's urethra is closer to the anus and that explains why most of women complain of UTI-like symptoms after sex.

Link between Sex and Urinary Tract Infection

It's common and easier for men the carry bacteria on their genital parts. Therefore, in the absence of proper hygiene, when they indulge in a sexual activity, they put their partner at the risk of acquiring an infection.

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As said, in women urethra is near their anus. During penetration, man's genital part comes in direct contact with woman's urethra. The bacteria thus get transferred which quickly and easily move to the bladder and possibly to kidneys. This is how they get infection. In fact, experts believe that every time a woman has sex, she puts her at an increased risk of getting UTI.

How to prevent Urinary Tract Infection after sex

Though, women are more susceptible to getting a UTI than men, it doesn't mean they have to stay from their time of pleasure. There are few things that both the partners can keep in mind while indulging in a sexual act. For a man, it's important to understand that it's the matter of his woman's health and he should cooperate.

Make sure you both urinate before sex and then properly wash the area with soap and water. This means you are giving each other safe and clean area for the utmost pleasure and play. Also, it's essential to urinate after the sex too. It will help flush out whatever bacteria you have acquired during the act.

Make sure you drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated. Even if there are any bacteria that has got to you, you can flush them out by urinating frequently.

Some women may have latex allergy too. It may be a possibility that the protection you are using is not suiting her. If a particular brand gives her inflammation or irritation, make sure to switch the brand and try something else.

Don't be harsh on the woman. If you have decided to spice up things with some 'raunchy' acts, keep the safety in mind too. Use of foreign objects may also give her infection. Be sure of what you are using and how.

Discuss with your partner and makes sure he knows what you go through. There might be something he's doing that's contributing to the infection. As a woman you need to be aware of your body and health, therefore, be able to tell your partner what's going wrong.

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