9 reasons why sesame oil is as healthy as the seeds!

9 reasons why sesame oil is as healthy as the seeds!

Wondering what makes sesame oil good for health? Read to know its myriad health benefits.

Written by Bhavyajyoti Chilukoti |Updated : February 19, 2015 2:51 PM IST

You might know that sesame seeds are storehouse of nutrients. But sesame oil doesn t lag behind when it comes to health and beauty. Just like sesame seeds have occupied a unique place in the kitchen, its oil is loaded with numerous nutrients good for health. As most people are unaware of the amazing health benefits of sesame oil, here we bring myriad reasons to add this oil to your list of healthy oils.

#1 Keeps your heart healthy

The oil contains linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid, which plays a key role in lowering the blood levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) along with increasing the levels of good cholesterol (HDL) in the body. It is also rich in various essential minerals like magnesium, selenium and calcium that help regulate cardiac muscle activity. Here are top 10 health benefits of sesame seeds you might not know.

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#2 Improves bone health

According to Ayurveda, massaging your baby with sesame oil improves bone strength and their growth in babies. This oil also slows down the bone thinning process and keeps your bones healthy and strong in old age and hence, are effective against osteoporosis.

#3 Good for pregnant women

As sesame oil is packed with folic acid, pregnant women should include this oil in their diet for healthy growth of fetus. This is because, folic acid aids in proper DNA synthesis in the growing fetus and also improves overall health of the expectant mother. Read more about why pregnant mothers need folic acid in their diet.

#4 Moisturises your skin

Your best bet to moisturise your skin naturally is sesame oil as it can penetrate deep into the skin (which ordinary moisturisers are not able to do). This is the reason why pregnant women should gently massage the areas most prone to stretch marks with this oil twice a day during pregnancy.

#5 Boosts oral health

Swishing sesame oil around in your mouth works wonders for your teeth as it aids in the removal of dental plaque thus, whitening your teeth naturally. It also eliminates streptococcus bacteria from teeth and mouth saliva and also helps re-mineralise tooth enamel (due to the presence of calcium in the oil). Here are spicy remedies to oral problems like toothache, bad breath, yellow teeth.

#6 Reduces heat in the body

Do you suffer from pitta or high body health? If yes, then massage your body with sesame oil at least twice every week. This is because, the oil lowers the amount of heat generated due to pitta in your body and keeps you healthy, especially during monsoons. However, avoid using it too often as it may cause too much heat in the body.

#7 Controls blood pressure

Sesame oil contains sesamin and sesaminol, two key compounds which play a major role in reducing the oxidative stress in the body. This in turn, exerts an anti-inflammatory effect on the arterial walls, thereby lowering both diastolic and systolic blood pressure levels in the body. Recent studies have found that the combined effects of sesame oil and rice bran oil is more effective in lowering blood pressure in hypertensive patients than taking antihypertensive medication alone. Here are 8 home remedies to beat hypertension or high blood pressure.

#8 Combats vaginal dryness

One of the best natural ways to deal with vaginal dryness is to include sesame oil in your diet. As some experts believe that this oil might trigger the stimulation of the vaginal area, leading to natural lubrication, thereby combating vaginal dryness, naturally.

#9 Relieves stress

Although it a known fact that an oil massage has a number of health benefits, massaging your head and body with sesame oil renders quick and effective results. All you need to do is slightly heat sesame oil, massage your scalp and body. Allow the oil to remain for an hour or two and then bathe with hot water. This improves the flow of blood to the brain and organs of the body, thereby providing quick relief from stress.

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