9 myths regarding marijuana busted by an expert

Shilpa Basrur, a Mumbai-based Consulting Psychologist and Counselor tells you all you want to know about marijuana

There is always a hype regarding this drug. Here, Shilpa Basrur, a Mumbai-based Consulting Psychologist and Counselor lists down some myths and facts.

Myth: Since, it is used for medicinal purpose, it is not harmful.

Fact: Marijuana is medically used only for certain health conditions (eg, cancer) with a controlled dosage and cannot justify a recreational usage.

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Myth: Marijuana is legalized in many states; hence it s safe from adverse effects.

Fact: It is not free from side effects. It does have adverse effects on lungs, immune system, reproductive system and so on. It makes your body clock go kaput and hampers your quality of life.

Myth: Marijuana is safe because it is a plant.

Fact: As per few studies, marijuana users may have a predisposition to use other drugs.

Myth: Marijuana wears off in a few hours.


Fact: Because marijuana is stored in the body, its effects may be felt for days or weeks following ingestion.

Myth: Marijuana is safer than alcohol.

Fact: It includes carcinogenic chemicals -a dangerous substance which is not a safe alternative.

Myth:Marijuana today is safer than earlier varieties.

Fact: Horticultural development has increased the potency of marijuana and added many other dangerous chemicals.

A word of caution: Do not get addicted to it. It can have adverse effects on your body. Seek help immediately and withdraw the addiction. A timely treatment can help you to get back on track.

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