8 things an orthopaedic wants you to know

Dr. Rajveer Chinoy, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC gives a few pointers.

You might have an ongoing relentless back pain or sudden athletic journey while playing a sport. It is an orthopaedic specialist who can help you get relief from pain . Dr. Rajveer Chinoy, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC explains a few facts before you enter into that examination room.

  1. Never be embarrassed in admitting how you really got injured: It is important for the doctor to know all details right from the injury, the speed of impact, type of twist, the position of the limb, weight of the patient to the object of impact.
  2. Sometimes your symptoms are more important than your diagnostic imaging results: One must understand the importance of telling symptoms. A proper history and description of symptoms can lead to an accurate diagnosis and investigations and imaging help to confirm and define extent and position of the problem.
  3. Every injury is unique, and never compare yourself to others: All factors of an injury are different in different persons and different injuries and different modes of injuries.
  4. Smoking tobacco affects your bones: Tobacco affects all systems raises blood pressure, damages blood vessels, reduces circulation & weakens bones & slows healing in all tissues. Read here 3 expert diet tips to prevent bone loss and osteoporosis
  5. Maintaining a healthy weight is the way to maintaining healthy bones: Maintaining a healthy weight requires a good diet and regular exercise. These form the basis of maintaining healthy bones.
  6. Some pain requires speciality care: Sometimes a treatment cannot be treated by using simple measures and over-the-counter medication. Some pain syndromes require specialised pain relief from pain specialists in the form of blocks/injection.
  7. The solution to every pain is not surgery: Our body is a great healer, but the body needs proper nourishment and a holistic lifestyle. Many ailments will settle with exercises/meditation/physio/lifestyle changes. But yes, remember nature requires time for healing and then strengthening takes time always progress slowly. Read more bout 6 things your rheumatologist wants you to know
  8. The decision to proceed to joint replacement surgery cannot be sudden: The only indication for replacement surgery was pain.But nowadays, people want it for improving movement and a quick fix for deformity correction.

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