7 effective tips to deal with migraine at work

Are recurring headaches making you life worse at work? Learn some useful ways to deal with them

Tips to work with migraineVarious factors are known to trigger migraine headaches but nothing can be compared to a workplace migraine or migraine triggered due to added stress at work. It not only makes your work life hard but also affects your professional growth and career. However, by knowing how to keep away headache triggers at work, your professional life could be much better. Here are some tips to help you:

Let your boss know your problem: If recurring headaches at work is affecting your productivity, you should talk about your problem with your employer or employees you closely work with. While you shouldn't expect special treatment, you can at least hope that your problem will be taken into consideration in unavoidable situations.

Reduce the intake of tea, coffee: Drinking caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea at work is something all employees need to control. Although small amount of caffeine may boost your brain power, drive away sleepiness, and may even relieve a headache, large amounts can be harmful for migraine sufferers. It can trigger a headache by causing dehydration. Even if coffee is not your migraine trigger, you should limit the consumption to 1-2 cups a day.

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Drink water: Some of us avoid drinking water in order to escape restroom visits while others just forget that sufficient water intake throughout the day is necessary to maintain a well-hydrated state. Drinking water can help you keep a migraine away by preventing dehydration and improving the flow of blood to the brain.

Time your meals: It's extremely easy to miss out breakfast, skip lunch or ignore evening snacks as the work pressure increases. But these are few things you should never forget if you're a migraine sufferer. Hunger is one of the most common triggers of migraine and long periods without food intake causes a drop in blood sugar levels, triggering a headache.

Avoid foods that trigger migraine: More than 25% migraine attacks are triggered by poor dietary choices that you're more likely to make during your working hours. Some chemicals present in a variety of foods can affect blood flow to the brain and cause a headache. You need to identify which foods trigger migraine headache in your case and avoid them while you're in the office. Some common triggers include chocolates, peanuts, processed and refined foods and citrus fruits.

Take a break: Repetitive tasks at work can also trigger migraine. If your job involves staring the computer/laptop screen, you're likely to get headache due to constant eye strain. So, make sure you get up from your place every hour or just look away from the screen and relax.

Carry your medicines: It is suggested that migraine sufferers should avoid stress as much as possible. But you can't avoid all stressful situations at work. At such times, you should be ready to tackle your problem. As soon as your head starts hurting, take a few minutes break. Carry your medication along and take it at the right time before your migraine becomes severe.

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