6 tips to prevent joint pain during winter

Joint pain is common during winter, but it can be prevented with these six simple, yet effective expert tips.

With the temperatures dipping and the winters around the corner, the chances of people suffering from various ailments is high. Although viral infection, cough and cold are some of the common health complications experienced by many, this time of the year the cold usually worsens pre-existing joint pain.

Our expert Dr Shailendra Patil, joint replacement surgeon, Wockhardt hospital, Vashi says, Most people experience joint pain during this time of the year mainly because during this weather there is restricted amount of sunlight. Apart from this, there is less supply of blood to the peripheral regions of the body due to which one's joints become stiff, causing pain in the joints and bones. In order to help you stay away from joint pain this winter, here are few tips you must follow.

Eat a healthy diet: A nutritious and healthy diet is the key to prevent various health complications. All you need to do is to include vegetables, cereals, dairy products, pulses and seasonal fruits in your daily meal.

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Include foods rich in Vitamins: People suffering from knee pain and generalised joint pain are advised to consume foods rich in vitamins (C, D and K) and minerals, especially calcium. Foods like spinach, cabbage, tomatoes and oranges are rich sources of both vitamins and minerals. This is because, these vitamins play a vital role in the production of bone cartilage and tissue.

Exercise regularly: Stretching and exercises done with light weights are good for people with knee problems or joint pain. By doing so, you not only weight but also is gentle on you knees as the weight you carry is lesser. Apart from this, regular exercising (such as cycling, walking, aerobics and swimming) strengthens the knee muscles as well as improves flexibility.

Avoid bathing in the cold water: With low temperature and cold weather, the chances of a person experiencing joint pain is high. Hence, it is wise to stay away from using cold water for bathing and instead using warm water for a baths instead. In addition to minimizing joint pain, warm baths relieve stiffness and soothe knee pain commonly seen in people suffering from arthritis.

Bask in the sun: Start your day by making the best from the sun. Soaking in the sun in the morning or evening not only stimulates the production of vitamin D (essential for healthy bones) but also improves blood circulation in the body.

Maintain a good posture: One of the key reasons for joint pain is bad posture at work or while lifting heavy things. And during the winter, the chance of pain in the joints is high. Hence, people are advised to follow safe practices performing their daily chores and avoid swift actions to prevent joint pain this winter.

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