6 tips to deal with excessive sweating

Sweating is common in people but excessive sweating is a reason of concern. Here are few tips that may help you out to deal with excess sweat.

SweatingSweating is a natural process that is your body's way of lowering its temperature and is very normal. But excessive sweating that is commonly seen in armpits, soles and palms is not normal. Having sweat stains can be embarrassing and in some cases lead to low self-confidence and self-esteem. There are numerous ways to avoid excess sweating that ranges from better personal hygiene, natural remedies, medical treatments and drugs. But there are simple methods to prevent excessive sweating too.

Your diet plays an important role:

Foods containing garlic and onions and those that are spicy, oily, processed and have a high-sugar content should be avoided as these stimulate sweat glands resulting in excessive perspiration.

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Cut down on caffeine and nicotine:

Try to limit the intake of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. Drinks that are high in these compounds over-stimulate the nervous system to release adrenaline, which in turn raises body temperature causing your body to sweat.

Drink plenty of water:

Keep your body hydrated all the time as it reduces your body temperature and makes you sweat less. Avoid beverages that are served hot and opt for cold ones instead. Read about 7 tips to boost your water intake.

Try antiperspirants:

Avoid using deodorants if you perspire a lot and instead try using antiperspirants. For excessive sweating use antiperspirants that contain aluminium chloride which blocks the pores of the sweat ducts. Apply antiperspirants before going to bed as they are more effective when applied at night.

Use an anti-bacterial soap:

Using a good antibacterial soap with triclosan will get rid of any bacterial infection and prevent an unpleasant odour. Apart from that avoid bathing in hot water, as it increases your body temperature and tends to make you sweat.

Choose the right clothes:

Avoid synthetic fabrics and choose natural ones like cotton or wool as they allow a free flow of air and reduce the risk of excessive sweating. If you have sweaty feet wear sports socks or socks made from natural fibre instead of synthetic ones.

If none of the above solutions help control excessive sweating, visit a skin specialist who may prescribe medications to rectify your problem.


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