6 Symptoms That Show That Your Immune System Is Weak And Vulnerable

6 Symptoms That Show That Your Immune System Is Weak And Vulnerable
Look Out For The Warning Signs Of Weak Immune System

Is your immunity strong enough? Look out for these warning signs to stay healthy and safe from infectious diseases.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : June 28, 2022 1:46 PM IST

This is the year 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic is showing no signs of stopping and, on top of that, more deadly diseases like monkeypox, dengue, zika and chikungunya are cropping up. Amidst all the chaos, you might have one question in mind, are you vulnerable to these diseases? Is your immunity strong enough? You might not know how vulnerable you are as some of these diseases are new and experts are unclear as to how badly it could affect people. But you must know whether or not your immunity is strong, weak or very weak. Under the circumstance that we are living in currently, knowing your limits will actually help you take care of yourself. If your immunity is weak, your body will show those signs. Make sure you remain cautious.


If your immunity is weak, you need to look out for the following warning signs.

High Stress Level

Stress is caused by the reduction in your body's lymphocytes, which means that there is a significant reduction in the white blood cells that help your body fight infections. If you have a history of getting sick after a big project or a tedious exam, you should take extra care because your immune system is weak. As the white blood cells in your body reduces, your body become more vulnerable to diseases and infections. Stress can weaken your immunity.

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Frequent Cold And Influenza

Common cold and influenza are infections and you can get it any time. But if you have good immunity, chances are your body will be able to fight the virus. Even if you do get infected, your body's immunity system will be able to fight off the virus in less than four days. If you have a weak immune system, it might take longer for you to heal.

Frequent Stomach Issues

70 per cent of your body's immunity is decided in the digestive tract. There are some good bacteria and microorganisms present in the digestive tract that protect the body from various infections. Frequent diarrhea, gas or constipation can compromise your immune system in the long term. It could reduce the level of the bacteria and cause problems like chronic inflammation, autoimmune disorders and also increase the risk of viral infections.

Wounds Take Time To Heal

Any physical wounds will take a long time to heal if you have a weak immunity. The healing process takes place due to the immune cells that help your body regenerate new skin. Weak immunity will severely hamper that. Your wounds might fester, and this can lead to further complications.

Vulnerable To Infections

A vital warning sign that you have a weak immune system is that you constantly catch infections. Frequent sickness is never a good sign. During seasonal changes and flu seasons, a lot of people might get sick. But if you are contracting viral infections more than twice a year along with other ailments like chronic sinusitis, pneumonia, bacterial sinusitis, and then you should definitely work on building your immunity.

Constant Fatigue And Tiredness

Being constantly tired and drowsy is also another warning sign of weak immunity. Because of your weak immunity you might feel exhausted even after getting adequate amount of sleep, doing light chores, small assignments that are not very stressful. This is because your body tries to save energy depending on your immunity power. If you have a weak immunity, your body will show signs of tiredness faster.