6 expert tips to treat and prevent kidney stones

Suffering from kidney stones? Here are expert tips to deal with the condition

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Expert tips to prevent kidney stones Dealing with kidney stones can be really painful. Although smaller stones can be easily eliminated from the body, larger lumps can cause a lot of pain while passing through the urinary tract. Moreover, more than half the number of people who have kidney stones face the risk of developing it again in their lifetime. Dr Avinash Ignatius, senior consultant nephrologist, offers some tips to treat and prevent recurring kidney stones.

  1. Increase your water intake: Kidney stone patients should consume plenty of fluids to prevent aggregation of minerals and salts. Ideally, they should be eliminating about 2.5 3.0 litres of urine every day. So, in humid days it's better to increase the intake of fluids.
  2. Reduce salt intake: Salt causes water retention. So the amount of urine expelled will as it is be reduced. And, if your diet has more sodium, it will also cause over-excretion of calcium that can bind to oxalate and formation calcium oxalate crystals.
  3. Lower animal protein in your diet: Instead of animal protein, you should choose non-animal protein sources like legumes to avoid uric acid crystal formation.
  4. Reduce the intake of oxalate-rich foods: If you have calcium oxalate stones, it is better to restrict the intake of oxalate-rich foods like beets, lady finger (okra/bindi), spinach (palak), Swiss chard, sweet potatoes, nuts, tea, chocolate and soy products.
  5. Don't avoid calcium completely: Many people who don't have kidney stones also start avoiding calcium rich foods to prevent calcium salt deposition causing kidney stones. But calcium-rich foods do not have an effect on your risk of developing kidney stones. Restricting them may instead increase your risk of forming stones.
  6. Avoid calcium supplements: You should avoid taking calcium supplements, unless advised by your doctor.

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