5 weird types of bras that do much more than what they are supposed to!

Bras that unhook only for your true love, bras that save you from rape and those that even help you lose weight. Read more...

True love braThe True love bra:

Want to find the love of your life or as they say, your 'Mr Right'? Strap on the true love bra which can help you find that special person. A Japanese lingerie brand has launched a bra that will only unhook by the woman's 'true love'. The bra, designed by manufacturer Ravijour, monitors woman's heart rate, hormones and nervous system through a mobile phone app and makes sure that the guy unhooking it is 'Mr Right', the Daily Star reported. The bra, which unhooks only after sensing an instant boost of love-filled excitement, sends the body's functions as a signal to the app, which then determines if the 'true love rate' is enough to unclasp it.

According to Ravijour, the bra will not continually burst open, as the app has the knowledge to recognise different situations and can pick apart a rising heart rate - from jogging from romance. The lingerie brand also said that the bra can come in handy for women to save themselves from unwanted sexual advances. But what if the wearer wants to unhook it bra themselves? Will they fail to do that on their own is what we wonder!

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The 'true love' bra is not available in the market as yet but the prototype is ready. The bra has a front clasp which glows pink when the woman is in love with someone near her.

This isn't the first 'smart bra' in the market. There have been other ones too. Here are some other bras which perform a dual function of support with some other smart feature.

Weight loss bra

A month back, there was news about scientists at the Microsoft Research developing a stress-busting bra which could help the wearer monitor their comfort eating habits. Keeping in mind the fact that people tend to eat more when they are stressed, the researchers designed the bra in such a way that it keeps a watch on the wearer's mood and lets them know if they are overeating with the help of its sensors which record heart rate, respiration, skin conductance and movement.

Face bra

This is again an invention by a Japanese brand called Japan Trend Shop. The official name of this bra is Hourei Lift Bra but due to its silicon rubber structure which resembles a bra, it's called the face bra too. The product needs to be mounted on the face and sits on the nose putting slight pressure on the face, near the mouth and cheeks which can help diminish laughter lines which get prominent with age. This age-defying bra is said to help woman get that youthful look back without opting for any surgery. Read how face yoga can help diminish signs of ageing.

Tweeting bra

Social media has affected every aspect of our lives and the tweeting bra only adds to to this fact. Every time the wearer unhooks it, a tweet is sent out to their followers. Though it may sound absolutely bizarre to send out a tweet to the world about your bra, the intention behind this concept was to raise more awareness about breast cancer. Developed by Greek marketing group OgilvyOne Athens for an awareness campaign, the bra was worn by a Greek celebrity for a few weeks and every time she unhooked it, a tweet was sent to her followers reminding them about a breast self-examination. Here's how you can do a breast self-examination at home.

Anti-rape bra

Developed by three Indian engineering students, this anti-rape bra intends to ward off creeps and rapists by emitting a powerful shock if they come too close to the wearer. Shock waves of 3,800 kV can be emitted by this lingerie. Though the circuit is placed in the bra, it is insulted to protect the wearer. The bra will also be equipped with GPS, GSM and pressure sensors and can also alert the police about your whereabouts. It is essentially a self-defence bra for women. Read more self-defence tips.

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