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5 ways to fight migraine

Migraine can be tough to deal with. Here are some methods that can help you fight it.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : March 26, 2015 3:13 PM IST

Migraine Q: I am a 20-year-old student suffering from migraine. It is becoming a very serious problem that is affecting my studies. I have my exams coming up, and the headache is a menace. Please suggest something for this?

Migraine can be tough to deal with. However, there have been many cases of people affected by the condition leading normal and successful lives. Here are some methods to fight the disease:

Abortive drugs for migraine

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Drugs like triptans target the serotonin (which proomtes happiness) and can be helpful. Non-prescription medicines that can help relieve migraine pain include aspirin, acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine combination, ibuprofen, naproxen and ketoprofen. People with more severe pain may need prescription medicine. Medicines like ergotamine and dihydroergotamine can also be helpful.

Preventive drugs

If migraine attacks are severe and occur more than once a week, it is important that you go for these measures to lessen the frequency and severity of the migraine attacks. Preventive treatment medications include the following:

  • Medications used to treat high blood pressure: beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers
  • Antidepressants like amitriptyline and nortriptyline
  • Antiseizure medications: gabapentin, topiramate and valproic acid

Note: Please do consult a good doctor to diagnose the condition before taking any medication.

Avoid all factors that have triggered a migraine attack in the past

Stress can be a trigger for your migraine, which is why you should find time to relax and reduce the stress in your life. Regular exercise (walking, swimming, etc.) and relaxation techniques like yoga & meditation may help you. Exams can bring you some and you should learn how to handle that properly. (Read: How to handle exam related stress )

Avoid foods that might trigger an attack, such as cheese, processed meats, etc.

Try alternative medicines

Long term homeopathic treatments have also proved useful in eradicating migraine headaches. In particular, homeopathic medicines like Glonoine, Belladonna, Sangunaria canadensis, Iris versicolor, Gelsemium, Nux vomica and so on. Some of the ayurvedic medicines are Suvarna Sutashekhara, Godanti Bhasma, Shadbindu Taila and Anu Taila.

Try acupuncture

According to a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, acupuncture can help release migraine pains and help with the disease. Many people have found this technique helpful.

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