Dos and don'ts to prevent sinus infections

Fed up of recurring sinus infection and headache? Here are some tips from our expert to help you keep sinus issues away forever.

Sinusitis, commonly known as sinus problems is a condition that is about as common as a cough and cold. An infection of the small spaces in the bones of your face, Some of its common symptoms include headache, pain around the eyes; especially when you move your head.

Sinusitis can be prevented by avoiding nasal infections that are viral in nature and are likely to be followed by bacterial invasion, says Dr Rohit Vishnoi, Senior Consultant, ENT, Delhi based Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute. Here's what you need to do:

Stay hydrated: Drinking water is an effective way to keep the mucus membrane moist and thin. It prevents the nasal tract from drying out. So, there is a lesser chance of acquiring a viral infection. Also, if you're already suffering from common cold then hydration will prevent it from getting worse and help you recover fast. Here's why staying hydrated is essential for your health.

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Avoid swimming in infected water:Prolonged periods of swimming in the pool just increases your chances of being infected with viruses and bacteria. Moreover, chlorine that is used as a disinfectant to keep the pool water clean is itself an allergen. It can irritate the lining of your respiratory tract and sinuses causing inflammation.

Stay away from allergens:If you have the tendency to develop frequent sinus infection, then probably you are allergic to some respiratory allergens like smoke, dust, sprays and perfumes. If you haven't been tested yet, visit an allergy specialist and get yourself checked.

Maintain good oral hygiene: Sinus infection can also develop with dental cavities or direct trauma to the sinus spaces during a dental treatment procedure. So, oral health also has a role to play in preventing sinus infection.

Eat immune boosting foods: Recurring sinus infection could be a sign of lowered immunity. If that s the case, then you should eat foods like yogurt (dahi), flaxseeds (alsi),almonds (badam), fruits and leafy vegetables to improve your immunity naturally. You may also like to read more about foods to improve immunity.

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