5 tips to keep your fridge well organised

Here are 5 tips from an expert to help you de-clutter your fridge.

Cluttered fridgeOften, our refrigerators become a convenient place for us to store all kinds of items. Be it perishables like fruits, vegetables and meat or simply something we want to keep cool like nail polish or lipstick. But in all that clutter, things that are past their expiry date get missed, and soon you have a weird smell emanating from your fridge. While there are ways to get rid of these odours naturally, organising your fridge the right way, might be the best way to avoid the whole predicament. To help you keep your refrigerator well organised, Vicky Silverthorn, declutterer to the stars and creator of life organisation company YouNeedAVicky, shared a series of practical tips with Here are the five tips:

Tip#1: Keep the items you use most at the front of the fridge: Having a streamlined fridge can make a positive difference to someone on a busy day, given the number of times we go in there - for that morning cup of tea, when making breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything in between. Having the items you use most to hand as soon as you open the fridge door can make a lot of difference.

Tip#2: Make the food items more visible: With such busy lives how could we be expected to remember every single item we own or have bought. The easier the contents of your fridge are to see, the less likely you are to be saddled with out-of-date products.

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Tip#3: Keep what you want to eat most in front: If you're trying to eat more healthily, make sure your fresh fruit and vegetables are the first thing you see when you open the fridge and hide the chocolate as much as possible.

Tip#4: Store childrens' items at the lowest possible height: It might involve creating their own area so that items they are allowed to help themselves to are within easy reach and then placing the 'treats' higher up or hidden away so they can't just help themselves.

Tip#5: Make the most of flexible storage: You can often move your refrigerator shelves up and down. So, adjust to suit what you are storing to ensure you don't have any dead space.

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