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5 reasons you should not ignore that pain on one side of your head

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : March 31, 2015 10:35 AM IST

Are you ignoring that pain on one side of your head? Don't. Because it can be an underlying cause of serious health conditions which need immediate attention. You will be surprised to know that headaches are a common reason for emergency room visits in the USA. Here are a few reasons you need to pay immediate attention to your headache.

Migraines: Migraines are episodic and are often make you feel like someone is pounding on your head. These throbbing headaches can also be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and blind spots. They can last for hours together and sometimes prolong for days.Various genetic and environmental factors can be responsible for migraines. To prevent migraines you can avoid these common triggers.

Strokes: When the blood to the brain is obstructed it results in a throbbing headache that can last for a long time and are also called as 'brain attacks'. If the blood flow to the brain is obstructed for a long time, the oxygen and nutrient supply to the brain is also hindered which can affect the brain cells leading to brain death. Common signs of strokes include headaches, weakness, numbness , slurred speech and at times it can also lead to death. You can make a few little changes in your lifestyle like controlling your blood pressure levels and eating a healthy diet to prevent strokes.

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Cluster Headaches: Another major reason for pain on one side of your head especially around the eyes are cluster headaches which come and go quickly without any warning. Headache is also coupled with sweaty and pale skin, flushing of the face and restlessness. At times a stuffed up nasal passage can also lead to cluster headaches.

Tension Headaches: A tension headache is common and is often a mild to moderate headache that can also be described as a tight band around your head. The exact cause of this headache is not known and common signs include a slight pressure in the temples. These headaches don't last for long and go away easily. You can also try these home remedies to fight tension headaches if you often suffer from them.

Temporal Arteritis: Inflammation or damage to the blood vessels that carry blood to the head can cause temporal arteritis. This damage can cause severe pain on one side of the head and also cause tenderness in the scalp. It can also be due to an infection or excessive usage of antibiotics. If ignored for a long time this can lead to severe problems like blindness or a stroke.

It is best to get a prolonged headache checked from a doctor as early as possible to prevent complications.

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