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4 tips to prevent asthma attacks during the winter

Winters can be a tough time for people with asthma. Here are some tips they should keep in mind.

Written by Sameer Jha |Updated : November 5, 2015 12:57 PM IST

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asthma symptomsSuffering from asthma can be very distressing, and unfortunately there is no 'cure' for the disease. However, it is a manageable condition and with proper precautions one can live a fulfilling life.

During an asthma attack, people find it difficult to breath as the tubes (bronchus) that carry air to their lungs swell up. This is caused due to mucus lining present inside the bronchus coming into contact with an allergen or an asthma trigger.

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During the winter season most asthma patients suffer freaquent attacks due to breathing in cold air, that can trigger an asthma attack. Here are some tips to manage asthma during winters:

  • Never forget your inhaler

Keeping a inhaler with you at all times, and taking two or three puffs from it before stepping out in the cold weather can help in lessening the number of attacks. Also, never forget to keep a spare inhaler.

  • Beware of indoor allergens

A lot of people prefer staying indoors during the winter, and this can expose them to dust which triggers asthma attacks. To counter this, one must ensure that they regularly clean their homes and keep it dry.

Also, Christmas decorations like Christmas trees, can have asthma triggers as well. Removing decorations that have been stored for a long time can also expose one to a lot of dust and other allergens. Such factors need to be taken care of for a happy and prosperous Christmas. (Read: 10 asthma triggers you should avoid)

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  • Stay calm

Winters can trigger stress in a lot of people as the cold weather can wreak havoc with your plans. It is important to stay calm as extreme emotional arousal can lead to an asthma attack. You can try some yoga exercises or meditation in order to relieve stress.

  • Never breathe from your mouth

When you breathe from your nose, the air gets warmed before it reaches your lungs. When you breathe from your mouth, the air is much colder and thus more likely to trigger an asthma attack. (Read: Asthma megaguide causes, symptoms, diagnosis, prevention and complications)

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