Women safety: 10 ways to be safe while taking an Ola, Uber and other cabs

One cannot be too careful these days, and you need to be extremely vigilant while travelling in a cab alone.

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Ola, Uber and other cab services have made commuting easy and hassle-free for most of us. Many of us prefer travelling by these cabs late at night when public transport is not available. However, one cannot be too careful these days, and you need to be extremely vigilant while travelling alone at odd hours. Here are some handy tips everyone should know while travelling alone in these cabs. Read on:

1. Send the cab details to people you trust. These services send an SMS that has the car number, car type, driver name, and driver's phone number. The moment you receive you must forward these details to your trusted sources. If you are taking a regular cab, the least you can do is the send the cab details to your family.

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2. Most of these cabs also have a GPS tracker that can help your reliable source to track where your cab has reached or how far away you are from home. In case you are using an Uber, the app has an option where you can select up to five emergency contacts. Select them. Then request a ride as usual and then tap the Send Status option whenever you want. You can also do it at the beginning of the journey or anytime in between. If your cab does not have a GPS system, you can keep on sharing your GPS location from your phone to your family continuously.

3.OLA share is the new option that is available where you can share your ride with other people travelling in the same direction. It makes sure you are not travelling alone or with strangers as you can find out whom you are travelling with. If you have the details of your co-travellers, share them with someone you trust. All you have to do is create a group e-mail ID and register that group with Ola, and you are good to go.

4. Take a route you are familiar with. You can always tell the driver to take which turn to take and which to skip. This will prevent the driver from going off the route and you will know exactly where you are going. If you don't know the way, pay attention to the road. Note down landmarks and turns that you think are important if necessary.

5. Talk to someone continuously. Keep posting your family about where you have reached and how long you think you will take to reach home.

6. While you might continuously talk to someone, do not divulge any private or personal details. Do not assume that the driver does not understand English or any other language and give out details about your family such as how many people live in your family, or whether you live alone, etc. Many times someone from your family might need to know about ATM card or other important details, avoid giving it to them when you are travelling. Avoid very private conversation and avoid fighting or talking too loudly. This makes you lose focus on your ride and the best thing that can happen is that the driver might take a longer route and let's not even speculate about the worst thing that could happen. Read about these anti-rape devices every woman should know.

7.Carry an umbrella that can double up as a rod to use for defence. Monsoon is here, and you never know when and for how long you might get stuck in traffic. Plus, water logging is a massive issue, and you might be stuck inside the car while the water level rises. A strong umbrella can be very handy at such a time., You can use it to break the glass and break out of the car. And you can also use it for self-defence.

8. Apart from an umbrella, keep a pepper spray handy. If you don't have a pepper spray, use a deodorant just in case you need it.

9. Do not fall asleep while you are travelling, especially in the night. You might lose track of your route, and that can put you at risk.

10. Do not take a cab alone when you are visibly drunk. These cabs come in handy after a Friday night out. But avoid taking them alone if you are drunk too much. Make sure you have known company in that case. If you have had a little to drink and are just a little tipsy, try to act like you are not drunk at all. Acting drunk makes you look vulnerable.

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