10 things a plastic surgeon wants you to know

Dr. K. Ramachandran, Senior Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon, Apollo Spectra, enlightens us on plastic surgery and botox.

Before and after photos might be totally alluring, but before you go under the knife Dr. K. Ramachandran, Senior Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon, Apollo Spectra, outlined the ten things you need to enlighten yourself on when it comes to plastic surgery and botox.

1. It is important to keep realistic expectations: It is important for the patient to understand what the surgery is all about. Understanding its intricacies, how it is done, how long the recovery is and what its realistic outcome will be should be a priority. Even though every surgeon will have his or her own way of explaining, once the surgeon explains everything to the patient, then only as a patient, you should make a calculated call.

2. Not all surgeries are bad and too over the top: It is possible to produce results that leave the patient looking like a refreshed and a better version of themselves. And yes, not every visit to your plastic surgeon requires you to go under the knife. Please note that the doctor is there to perform surgeries based on the goals of the patient only.

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3. Going to a non-authentic plastic surgeon for a better deal can be fatal: Visiting a non-certified surgeon could be dangerous. From getting a small infection to drastic looking results to bleeding to being infected in the whole body to even death in some unfortunate cases, a careless surgery could mean so many things! Read more about 6 cosmetic procedures or plastic surgeries popular among men

4. Every surgery requires healing time: Whether you come for invasive surgeries or are looking for Botox fillers, every surgery requires time to heal. On an average, anywhere between 3 months to 6 months is required to heal properly.

5. Always draw a line on your botox treatment: This is because having way too much botox to look like an image in your head can make you look abnormal. Even though it really depends on your needs and aspirations, a plastic surgeon who is injecting the botox will always help you in drawing the line.

6. There can be long-term effects of surgeries when not performed by a certified surgeon: Every surgery comes with its own types and intensities of risks. The pros and cons are always informed to the patient prior to any surgery and it is the patient s duty to understand the calculated risks being taken. The risk will nevertheless amplify if the surgeon is not qualified.

7. Never lie to your plastic surgeons about anything: Do not lie to your plastic surgeon on previous surgery and habits like smoking and use of drugs. This is because it can have a detrimental effect on your health as all of them will have repercussions in the procedure. The surgeon should also know if the patient is on any medication, such as Aspirin blood thinner, because medicines can have a direct implication on many aspects of healing, anaesthesia etc. Read here 7 things your cosmetic surgeon wants you to know

8. All plastic surgeries do not need touch ups and follow-ups: Not every surgery requires you to visit for follow-ups and recurrent sittings. There are many less complicated lunch-time procedures, which can give you the desired results in one go. But then, all this totally depends on the needs and desires of the patient. In some complicated cases, you will perhaps need a minimum of 6 months and the patient should be prepared for the same.

9. All surgeries come with risks: Even though the risks are kept to a minimum, thanks to the latest advancements in medical technology, they are always there like in any other surgery. Every surgeon checks for the favourable risk-benefit ratio before starting any surgery. But yes, poor results are always a possibility because of untrained hands, hence always go to a certified surgeon.

10. Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery do not mean the same thing and one must understand the difference: Cosmetic surgery is a subdivision of plastic surgery. A plastic surgeon will do a variety of surgeries including a cosmetic surgery. A cosmetic surgeon might some day do a hand surgery, while on the other days he or she might do cancer reconstruction etc. They are all plastic surgeons with special interests.

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