Top 10 insulin myths busted!

Are you a diabetic who has been prescribed insulin. Here are facts about insulin that you should know.

Many people who get diagnosed with diabetes fear the thought of taking insulin because of what they have heard, seen or read before, most of which is not true. We hope this post helps you to change your outlook towards insulin therapy as well as helps you to overcome your fears about starting one.

Myth #1: Insulin is addictive

Fact #1: Because insulin is something that diabetics are instructed to inject themselves, there is a wrong belief that a person can get addicted to it. But the fact is, insulin is just something that your body should have produced naturally. You cannot get addicted to it.

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Myth #2: Carrying insulin is difficult because it needs to be refrigerated

Fact #2: If you have a bottle of unused insulin it should be stored in a refrigerator. But once you have opened the bottle, you can keep it at room temperature for upto 28 days. But never keep insulin shots in a place which is too hot or too cold. Freezing renders insulin useless whereas exposing insulin to direct sun (while travelling) can cause it to lose its potency. Read more about using insulin pumps instead of injections.

Myth #3: Insulin is expensive

Fact #3: Diabetes, on the whole, is an expensive condition. But, if you consider only insulin, it is less expensive than other oral medications. The prices vary depending on the brands and suppliers.

Myth #4: Taking insulin means diabetes has turned serious

Fact #4: Diabetes in itself is a progressive disease, something that you should worry about. But, just because you have been prescribed insulin doesn't mean it is getting worse. Insulin will just help you to control it better. Read more about treatment for diabetes.

Myth #5: Insulin therapy means I will have to take multiple shots daily

Fact #5: Not in every case. There are long-acting insulin shots that are to be taken once in a day (usually at nights). If your blood sugar level rises tremendously after having meals, then you may have to inject insulin several times in a day (before eating). Here's more information how to use an insulin pen.

Myth #6: Once I start taking insulin, I will have to take it forever

Fact #6: The fact is, no matter how much you depend on medicines, you will have to bring changes in your lifestyle. If you lose weight, exercise regularly and follow a strict diet you may no longer need insulin. Also, sometimes, insulin may be needed temporarily if it is diagnosed during pregnancy.

Myth #7: Insulin will make me fat

Fact #7: Although diabetics taking insulin therapy do tend to gain weight but insulin is not the cause for their weight gain. Insulin enables your body to use food more efficiently. Therefore, along with following insulin therapy, it is important to follow a proper diet plan and exercise programme too.

Myth #8: Oral medicines are better than taking insulin

Fact #8: People say that because they haven t understood the dos and don ts of insulin therapy. The fact is oral medicines do not work for every diabetic. But insulin is something that will work effectively. Here's an interesting piece of information on the possibility of insulin pills.

Myth #9: Insulin can cause dangerously low blood sugar

Fact #9: This is possible only if you don t take insulin in a timely fashion or as recommended by your doctor. Eating right at the right time is an important part of living with diabetes. When you re taking insulin, you need to be aware of the signs of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) like shaky hands, urge to eat or sweating. If you take active measures and eat at proper time with timed insulin, this problem will never occur. Here's some information on adherence to insulin treatment.

Myth #10:Insulin is a cure for diabetes

Fact #10: Surprisingly, a few diabetics believe that insulin is a cure for their problem. They totally depend on insulin to control their sugar levels and ignore the importance of exercise and diet.

As of now, diabetes cannot be cured but someday we might see a permanent solution to diabetes. Insulin is a substitute when beta cells of the pancreas cannot produce insulin by themselves. So, it s a just a way by which you can control your sugar levels and manage diabetes. You cannot depend on it. You have to be committed to your health and live with a positive outlook towards life.


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