10 common winter mistakes we all make

10 common winter mistakes we all make

Common winter mistakes to avoid and be healthy this season.

Written by Debjani Arora |Updated : October 29, 2015 6:51 PM IST

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Seasonal changes influence our body in many ways. Come winter, cold, cough, allergies and fever aren't an uncommon occurrence. Most times, instead of trying to acclimatise we tend to become lazy to beat winter chills. This results in some serious health blunders, albeit unknowingly. Here are the most common ones.

#1 Drinking less water

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It is true that we don't feel thirsty during winter as we do during summer. Well, the season has nothing to do with our thirst. In fact, we feel less thirsty because we tend to do less physical activity in cold weather. According to the British Dietetic Association, our bodies still need two litres of water every day during winter to stay hydrated. Else dehydration could lead to other health complications like kidney problems, indigestion, etc. Drinking warm water in winters also counts towards optimum fluid intake. That being said, it is wise to limit caffeine intake that we deliberately indulge in. Less water and more caffeine is definitely not a healthy way to beat the winter chill. Here is why having water from a copper vessel good for you.

#2 Being over-clothed

We feel comfortable and warm in our cardigans, pullovers and sweaters, but it is wise not to overdo it. Too much of clothing might lead to overheating and perspiration. When the sweat evaporates, it makes us feel cold. While dressing during winter, the aim should be to keep muscles warm and retain the moisture levels in the skin. Here are six ways to keep your baby warm this winter.

#3 Keeping hands and feet covered

Covering hands and feet with gloves and socks is fine to keep body warm, but not the ideal way to beat cold. Our hands and feet are the only parts of our body that will help acclimatise with the season. Keeping them covered all the time would mean that we are restricting our body from adapting to the temperature changes in the atmosphere. For the same reason, never go to bed wearing socks. This will hamper blood circulation, especially the blood returning to the heart from the limbs. Sleeping putting on socks in winter nights would risk blood clotting in the limbs.

#4 Eating for comfort

Winter is the season when we should be more watchful about our weight. This is because we often tend to turn towards comfort foods to beat the winter chill, which is mostly fried, rich in fat or junk. Also, because our body tends to become sluggish during winter, most of us skip workout sessions, restrict physical activity and feel lazy to burn calories doing simple exercises like walking or running. One way to eat to your heart s content and still be healthy during winters is to eat more fresh produce, fruits and vegetables that are found in abundance during the season. So eat more oranges, berries and other citrus fruits over pizzas and burgers. Here are five foods to keep you warm this winter.

#5 Sleeping extra

We love winter so much because sleep comes so naturally to us, as soon as one snuggles under the blanket. This is why we tend to spend some extra time sleeping in the morning before getting out of bed. Afternoon naps during winters are also refreshing but these lazy sleeping hours during winter is what disrupts one s normal sleep-wake cycle. In fact, the body needs to put in more effort to get back to the normal mode after the season is gone.

#6 Staying indoors

Residing in an area where there is excessive snowfall, staying indoors is better; else going for walks in the evening is a good idea. Strolling in the park during winter will help boost blood circulation and keep you warm naturally. Here is why room heaters do you more harm than good during winter.

#7 Applying unnecessary creams and lotions

One thing that we all tend to overdo during winter is to moisturise ourselves with all kinds of creams and lotions. While this is a good practise to keep skin moistened but without proper exfoliation moisturising holds no good. Dead cells and debris on the skin could give rise to acne, rashes or other skin allergies. Here is how you can take care of your skin this winter.

#8 Giving sunscreen a miss

It feels good to spend hours at the beach or out in the open during winter mornings to soak in the warmth of the sun. However, one should not forget to slather sunscreen on the body. Remember during winter the sun's rays are equally harsh like in summer. So to save skin from sunburns and reduce the chances of skin cancer during winter by applying a good sunscreen is a necessity.

#9 Drying clothes indoors

This is a common practise in every household. But did you know that many volatile organic compounds are released into your house as your clothes dry inside your room. This could give rise to respiratory infections in children and elderly. If you need to dry your clothes indoors, make sure you keep your windows open for better ventilation.

#10 Reaching out for medicines too often

Do you stock up on over-the-counter drugs to combat cold and cough during winter? Well, while you might get some relief from your symptoms after consuming those medications, they harm your immune system to a great extent. This makes it difficult for your body to deal with seasonal bugs and boost immunity naturally.

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