World Environment Day 2019: Random thoughts on how to live with nature

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As the whole world celebrates World Environment Day today, here is a different perspective on safeguarding nature. Penned by Editor Md Hussain Rahmani, this exclusive article talks about the importance of love for nature over environment protection laws for a greener earth.

This time, the World Environment Day comes just a week after the buzzing news about how we humans invaded Mount Everest by creating a traffic jam at the highest peak of the world. What is there to celebrate on June 5 in the name of the environment? Are we lying to ourselves that we do care about the environment that is why we celebrate the day creating awareness about protecting nature? Yes, we are lying.

If we are climbing up the Mount Everest in herds and dying there, there is no point in celebrating the action day for environment. What action did we take against this disaster? Did we do anything to prevent the ruckus up there? We didn't.

The very idea of protecting the environment is flawed and based on human lust to ransack nature. You protect a thing that either faces external aggression or on its life span gets shortened due to decay. How can we protect environment or nature? We, the human habitants of the world are external aggressors and need to learn to coexist with other habitats.

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For this, we need to leave our desire to invade others. Do animals, plants, hills, icebergs, glaciers, reptiles invade us? Do rivers in their natural course kill us? Why are we restricting rivers? Why are we making dams? Every big flood shows us the rage of water. It takes everything away and leaves behind nothing but destruction. This is nature's vengeance.

We are cutting out jungles. Why can't we live in them like other animals do? Why can't we live under the shadow of a tree?

For a life of less than a hundred years, why do we need skyscrapers?

Why do we have inorganic parameters of growth? Why do we take pride in high industrial output and per capita income? Until we stop this mad race of GDP, we won't be able to live at ease with nature.

What do we do then?

We get enough from Mother Earth to eat and survive. We get food naturally but our craving for more is killing the mother. The first thing is to control our numbers. Perhaps we are outnumbering the other habitants and pushing them to a corner. Why did we go to the Mount Everest in herds? What did we achieve? Why were they allowed to do so? Why isn't there a law against it?

These are simple questions and we know the answers too. The heterogeneous population of the world will never come on any concrete agreement on how to preserve nature. However, we, as individuals, may make a pledge to ourselves to live with nature. No country, organisation or a pressure group can make people follow the rules of environment protection laws. It will come from within without any intent to get into the rat race. If we learn to live with nature we won't have to protect it. We don't need to create a safe environment as it has always been safe for us. We made it unsafe not only for ourselves but for other stakeholders too.

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