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Why Is Mental Wellness Essential For A Healthy Life? Explains Spiritual Leader

Spiritual Leader Sri Preethaji explains the importance of mental wellness and why one should opt for alternate healing over medical healing.

Written by Tavishi Dogra |Updated : September 7, 2022 11:04 AM IST

Our emotional, social and psychological well-being are all included in our mental health. It also affects how we make decisions, handle stress, and interact with other people in our lives. Because it affects our thoughts, behaviours, and emotions, emotional and mental health is significant because it is an essential aspect of our lives. Being emotionally balanced helps us keep our relationships strong, adjust to life's changes, and helps us deal with difficulties. Spiritual Leader Sri Preethaji, Co-creator - of Ekam & Author - Of the Four Sacred Secrets, explains the importance of mental wellness and why one should opt for alternate healing over medical healing.

Why Is Mental Wellness So Essential To Lead A Healthy Life?

Sri Preethaji: How can the mind ever be separated from what happens to the body or the health of the body? I want you to look at the inter-relationship between the mind's wellness and the body's health at purely physical and energetic levels. On the physical plane, the mind and the brain are interconnected. What happens in your mind are your thoughts and your emotions. Your perceptions have a direct impact on shaping the neural circuitry and neural chemistry of your brain. If you are mentally agitated or depressed, that state of mind immediately affects your brain. In your brain, the neuro peptides will release and pump into the bloodstream, which will then impact the enzyme interaction of the entirety of your body - pushing your body into a state of disease and ill-health. Every repetitive emotion and every repetitive thought process has a profound impact on the brain. In the second, the energetic dimension- when you continuously move into a space of fear, anxiety, or depression, your mind constantly projects scenarios and situations you don't want to happen.

What is fear? What is anxiety? It is an image in your head that something terrible may happen tomorrow, and something can go wrong. What is depression? Depression is that painful recognition of something you don't have. Your mind is dwelling in sorrow, in unhappiness.

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  • This universe is not merely a matter; it has extraordinary intelligence, and you constantly communicate with this universe with your mental state. When you live in such inner states of fear, anxiety, or depression, you send wrong signals into the universe, asking for ill health, problems, and chaos in life. That's why when you are depressed or prone to anxiety, you will see that it is challenging for the body to cure itself.
  • I have seen millions of people; for whom problems continuously mound when they are stuck in negative mental states. If your body should not fall into these two traps, it becomes crucial that you learn the art of being joyful in the moment. You learn the art of extricating yourself from stress as and when it arises in your life. People who choose to live joyfully in the moment invite great blessings of health and abundance into their life.

How Is Alternate Healing A Better Option Than Medical Healing?

Sri Preethaji: It is funny that alternate healing as a word has so much come into vogue today. Medicine and recovery from the disease are as old as life itself. Every human, every creature, be it any animal, knows instinctively and their generational information passed on from grandparent to parent to children on what they need to eat when they are sick and how to fast to gain health. This knowledge of body healing has been the science developed in every country and culture over centuries.

  • Look at a dog at your home; it will refuse to eat when sick. Instead, it eats grass and vomits and recovers the next day. This is healing; this is medicine. So, using the word alternative healing is funny as it comes from the idea of allopathy, which was coined in 1800 and is considered mainstream medicine. Every branch of knowledge developed over centuries is regarded as an alternative practice and a practice done by non-professions. It is also considered an unverified approach and unscientific. This is strange to me. Ayurveda is thousands of years old. It is a science that millions of Indians have used and continue to use.
  • According to WHO, 80 per cent of the world still takes some herbal treatment. Every system of medicine has its science; no science is inferior or superior to another. Allopathy is one science that looks at the human body as a conglomeration of a trillion cells and the interaction of these trillion cells.
  • Homoeopathy is a science that looks at disease as the imbalance of vital energy in the body and rectifying the vital energy as a return to health. Ayurveda again looks at the tri-doshas fundamentally going out of balance as disease and returning to balance as the cause of health.
  • Chinese medicine looks at the Chi energy or the prana flowing into the 72000 nadis or the meridians in the energy body. So when the Chi energy gets blocked in that part of the body, it goes through sickness.

Depending on your situation and your need, you can choose any form of medicine that feels natural to you.

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