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Unlock The Hijacked Brain Through Advait Yoga

Acharya Advait Yogbhushan, Founder of Himalayan Yogi Institutes.

Brain hijacking doesn't happen over a single situation or a single incident, it happens over a period of time. Here's how Advaita Yoga can help you.

Written by Editorial Team |Published : September 22, 2021 12:11 PM IST

Do you feel insecure, unsatisfied, or fear of something is holding you back? If your answer is 'yes', then your brain may have been hijacked. Advait yoga can help you in overcoming this situation.

Acharya Advait Yogbhushan, Founder of Himalayan Yogi Institutes, explains how Advaita Yoga can help in unlocking the hijacked brain. He is a Luminary Yogi, Theosophist and a Vedic science teacher.

What is brain hijacking?

We can all agree that human brain is one of the most fascinating organs. The three-pound, jelly-like mass has as many neurons as there are stars in the milky way and consumes 20% of the body's energy. It's the command center of the body and is what makes it possible to carry out all of our daily functions.

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Amygdala is the integrative center for emotions, emotional behaviour and motivation and cortex is the decision-making area. So, whenever you face some outburst of emotions like anger, running away from a situation, etc. at that time the amygdala has taken over the cortex and cortex is responsible for the fear fight or flight kind of situation. This doesn't happen over a single situation or a single incident, it happens over a period of time when you keep running away from things in your mind when you are not able to react because of certain situations, amygdala keeps on hijacking and takes over the cortex and creates a situation like fear flight fight. In this process, decision making power becomes weak. Such people feel insecure, unsatisfied and some kind of fear is there. Appreciation also doesn't play any role in this situation. This process is called amygdala hijacked or brain hijacking.

How to unlock amygdala hijack through Advait Yoga?

Amygdala hijacking doesn't mean only emotionally hijacked brains; it can also happen because of addiction to alcohol, smoking or drugs. They can make you love in a baseless imaginary world. Advait helps you in overcoming this situation.

According to medical science, one cell is divided into many several cells like one to two to four. It differs from cell to cell; on some cells it is happening over years while on others it is happening on a regular basis or on some it is happening in every nanosecond. Doctors have proved that a cell can be broken into two after tearing it into enough nutrition, energy, and also by stretching the body in the right way because even if you stretch your body, the tissues break, and they need more nutrients from the body. Only by adding a few vibrational techniques like binaural beats (which is popular now-a-days but there are also more impactful techniques which are based on vibrational phenomena), we can simply nourish the amygdala and make the blood flow through it.

The improved blood flow will lead to more energy in the cells and the chain which is blocking the functions of amygdala can be broken by providing more blood to the brain, inducing more vibrational sound within the brain. There are many techniques in Advait Yoga for diagnosing and analyzing the amygdala blockages. Once you come to know about the reasons or the emotional blockages in the person, other people can also be helpful, so psychologists do that part only.

When a person is going through some mental blockages which impact his thinking, decision making abilities, a psychologist may be able to help you by using simple techniques. For example, meditation and chanting mantras can take you to certain zones of the brain which can push the functioning of the brain to restart the functioning of the amygdala or to unblock the amygdala blockage.

By organizing the alignment of the body, increasing the blood flow in the brain and by inducing the vibrational techniques, amygdala hijack can be broken very easily. You can restart thinking, be creative, etc.

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