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Staying connected with your loved ones amidst the COVID-19 pandemic


COVID-19 has redefined the way we look at relationships. Read on to know how to interact with your loved ones when you are socially isolated.

Written by Sanyukta Baijal |Updated : April 18, 2020 8:19 PM IST

The whole world is trying to combat the novel coronavirus and government bodies are taking drastic measures to limit social contact among people. With closure of schools, markets and workplaces, many people are at a high risk of developing feelings of loneliness and isolation. This can take a serious toll on mental health. According to a UK-based research published in PLOS Medicine, being disconnected with the world is almost as dangerous as smoking 15 cigarettes. The chances of premature death are 50 per cent higher in lonely people than those whose social ties are stronger. As per experts, it is a difficult time for many because, as human beings, we prefer to take control over our environment. But since we can't really do much about the situation out there, we can always maintain some control over our lives by keeping in touch with our loved ones through social media and communicating apps.


Self isolation can come across as a dangerous thing if people are unable to manage their relationships with others. It is important to nurture relationships especially if your loved one is away from you. Fortunately, we are a generation of technology and we know how it can help us bond better.

Maintaining a long distance romantic relationship

According to a study at Cornell University and the City University of Hong Kong, distance in a romantic relationship can promote intimacy. The study analyzed people's texts, phone calls, and other communication details and found that long-distance couples felt more intimate with each other as compared to those who were physically present with each other. This is because the couples in a distance relationship disclosed more about themselves in their conversations.

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Bridging the generation gap

According to experts, two major groups that may actually benefit from daily interaction through technology are the elderly people in the family and the ones who are the youngest in the family. This is because older adults may have some fears or a sense of panic in the current scenario. Your interaction with them will help them overcome these fears. On the other hand, interaction with children is more about informing and educating them regarding the current scenario while taking care of their mental wellbeing.

Personal interaction matters to both an extrovert and an introvert

Self isolation is a great time for introverts since they are a bit reserved. But extroverts may be going through a tough time. However, at some point of time when the disappointment of not being able to do anything overpowers you, everyone goes a bit crazy and feels helpless and overwhelmed. An introvert may just require a little assurance from you that you are there for them. While an extrovert may require more attention and assurance.

Be innovative in your communication

Make good use of social media and find new ways to interact with your friends and family. Many people these days are spending time on social media with their close ones through various creative methods like investing time in online dance classes together, to indulging in a live story session, virtual tours and much more.

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