Incense Sticks Can Do More Than Just Fill The Environment With Pleasant Aroma

Incense Sticks Can Do More Than Just Fill The Environment With Pleasant Aroma
If one is prone to mild migraines, headaches, and stress. Lighting dhoop stick scents act as a blockage removal agent, shooing away the anxiety.

Incense sticks are a typical aromatherapy instrument. Using incense has many health benefits.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : December 4, 2021 2:38 PM IST

Lighting incense sticks or agarbattis is an essential part of prayer in many religions. When you burn an incense stick, it fills the air with a pleasant scent. But not many know the health benefits of this everyday ritual.

Incense sticks can help in relaxing your senses, improve your physical and mental well-being, says Surbhi Jain, Co-owner, Nirmalya Sticks.

Below she has listed some key benefits of using incense sticks or agarbattis.

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Offers aromatherapy

According to research, essential oils in the incense sticks assist in removing nasal obstructions and enhance the air around you to replicate the advantages of aromatherapy. It is therefore especially used regularly in therapeutic centres.

Incense sticks are a typical aromatherapy instrument. For millennia, the holistic technique of aromatherapy is used to foster healing and to reinforce spiritual, bodily and mental well-being.

Creates relaxing ambiance

Incense sticks contain essential oils extracted from plants, seeds, barks, roots and fruits. Inhalation absorbs chemicals via the olfactory system, which delivers signals to the limbic system of the brain, influencing the processing of emotion and memory. Incense is commonly used for the purpose of yoga, meditation, air cleansing, and a relaxing ambiance. A stick of incense consists of aromatic elements from vegetations like plants, herbs and bark from the trees. When lighted, the space is enveloped with a welcoming, spiritual fragrance, a pleasant aromatic flavour.

Destroy germs

Agarbattis are composed of naturally occurring components that have antibacterial characteristics. Thus, burning incense help prevent illnesses by destroying germs and sanitizing the environment. Because they also contain anti-inflammatory elements such as boswelliic acid, burning agarbattis is known to improve blood flow in the system.

Reduces stress

Think of igniting an agarbatti stick the next time you feel stressed. It may help reduce stress and mental impediments. Incense may also help calm your mind and uplift your mood. Essential oils excite your senses, soothe your nerves and reduce your anxiety.

Fragrances such as eucalyptus or peppermint lower heart rates and palpitations, which allow you to feel peaceful from inside.

Improves sleep

The powerful fragrances work as natural sedatives, give your body a calming feeling and enable your body to unwind and sleep better.

However, some studies argue that use of agarbattis could increase indoor air pollution and put people at higher risk of respiratory complications, may cause skin allergies, irritation in the eyes and have a negative effect on your heart health.

Confused whether to use incense sticks or not? We suggest you talk to a doctor.