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Back Pain? Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Cure It

Back Pain? Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Cure It
Easy Ways To Cure Back Pain

Get rid of the commonly occurring medical problem, i.e. back pain, by easily avoiding these lifestyle habits. Here are a few tips to cure back pain.

Written by Tavishi Dogra |Updated : May 26, 2022 12:48 PM IST

Back Pain Treatment: Do you often miss work and visit the doctor due to back pain? A painful backache can make you immovable and bring your life to a standstill. Don't worry, as it is a common cause for people. It can be caused due to simple sprain, a sedentary lifestyle or an accidental injury. Take the help of these pain management techniques to ease the pain.

Good Posture

Always maintain a good posture while standing, sitting or sleeping.

  • Avoid long stretches, and if you have to stand, try to place one foot on a low footstool at a time.
  • Take some load off by preferring sitting on seats, which give you good support. In addition, one should have armrests and a swivel base (on chairs) for your lower back.
  • Place a small pillow on your back to maintain the normal curve.
  • While sitting or sleeping, try to keep a rolled towel on your hips and knees at the same level.
  • Try to sleep on your side.
  • To avoid back strain, one should not be sleeping on their stomach.


To increase your back muscles' endurance, exercise regularly.

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  • Better strength of the back and abdominal muscles allows them to improve their function and work better together.
  • In addition, it gives natural protection to your back.
  • You can ask your doctor about the best activities and exercises.

Avoid Lifting Heavyweights

Lift smart, only if you have to!

  • Let your legs do the work while lifting heavy weights (avoid strain on your back).
  • Bend your knees to move up and down, and keep the back straight rather than bending it to lift.
  • Stop adopting awkward postures if the load is heavy (instead, take help).

Say NO to smoking

Do you know that smoking slows the healing process? This is because it decreases the oxygen supply to the spinal tissues.

  • In addition, a recent study has observed that nicotine reduces the streaming of blood to the spinal tissue.
  • Finally, it decreases the supply of several essential minerals and nutrients to the spinal disc, resulting in back pain.

Healthy Weight

Are you maintaining a healthy weight?

  • Being obese or overweight increases the strain on back muscles.
  • However, maintaining a healthy weight prevents back pain.

Osteoporosis Also Affects The Spine

Osteoporosis refers to the bones' weakening caused by decreased bone density. i.e., at least 2.5 standard deviations lower than the bone density of a young adult. A lack of proper diet can cause osteoporosis during childhood or increased intake of medicines that promote bone loss. Osteoporosis of the spine can have crumpled bones, altering the back's posture and being responsible for severe pain.


Wrong movements that may cause back pain may include twisting, coughing or sneezing, muscle tension, over-stretching, bending awkwardly for long periods, badly pushing, pulling, lifting, or carrying something.

  • Standing for long periods and wearing uncomfortable footwear or heels can cause back pain.
  • Driving for long hours can cause damage to the lower back muscles, which can lead to back pain.
  • Sleeping in bad posture or on bad mattresses can also lead to back pain.

These are some of the common tips to cure back pain. To know more about back pain prevention, you should consult your doctor.

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