3 Tips To Overcome Extreme Nervousness

3 Tips To Control Your Nervousness

Nervousness can't be resolved in a day but the mindful practice of these 3 tips will surely help you the next time you find your hands sweaty and the urge to run away from the situation.

We all have experienced a quick heart rate, clammy hands, and shaky legs because of nervousness. The reason can be numerous, varying from person to person and from situation to situation. While someone can have stage fright and feel conscious before speaking in public, there can be others who have trouble with confrontations stating and dealing with the truth can give them jitters. Reasons can be innumerable but the consequences are mostly the same; self-doubt and a drop in confidence level and extreme nervousness. spoke to Ms Devina Kaur, a renowned researcher to understand how one can easily calm down their mind when they are nervous.

How To Overcome Nervousness?

Nervousness can't be resolved in a day but the mindful practice of these 3 tips will surely help you the next time you find your hands sweaty and the urge to run away from the situation.

Understanding The Reason

We all are different individuals and thus, different reasons behind our nervousness. We can't follow one universal rule to fight our doubts but we can analyze ourselves first and work on that. First and foremost, find out the reason behind your nervousness, and what works as the trigger for you. Once you know your weakness, it will become comparatively easier to overcome it as well. Is it a fear of the crowd or you're just nervous that you might utter something wrong while being on the stage and the audience might ridicule you later?

One of the things to remember is that you're not the only one who gets nervous in uncomfortable situations, others do too. You can practice being more mindful of your time and being. Each time that you feel nervous, repeat to yourself that you're stronger than your fear, you can do it. Slowly but surely, you'll find yourself winning over your fears.

Unearth The Fear

We are so controlled by our insecurities that we feel it unbearable to unearth the actual reasons behind them. Even though no one is perfect, we are led to believe otherwise and create unreal expectations for ourselves too. Our insecurities related to the shape of our body, the tone of our voice and accent, and the way we dress refrain us from being the best version of ourselves. We give in to our fears and feel nervous when we're questioned. The sexy brilliant thing to do then is to unearth your fears and face them head first. Let your fears know that you're ready to acknowledge and accept them so that you'll emerge as the winner.

Release Your Doubts

We all have doubts and insecurities in our lives, but letting your insecurities rule you and making decisions in your life shouldn't become an everyday habit. Once you know and unearth your doubts, it's finally time to let them go. When you face your fears, it can have a deep physical and emotional impact and you may feel drained out of energy. One of the ways to regain your energy is by meditation and listening to mantras and music. You can have meditative sessions while sitting alone on the balcony, lying on the bed, or a calming walk in your neighbourhood in the evenings. You can also enjoy a warm, relaxing shower and experience your fears being washed away from your body with the bath. Once you let go of your fears, you'll find a new, energized version of yourself looking in the mirror.

Things don't change overnight; neither our insecurities become magnanimous in a moment nor can we conquer them in a night. For things to change, we've to make little but consistent efforts daily. Only when we feel comfortable in our skins, and let our confidence define us, can we battle with our nervousness and anxiety. Taking mindful control of your emotions is an acquired habit and when you focus on empowering yourself from the inside out, calming your nerves becomes easier every day.

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