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3-Mins To A Serene Mind: Overcome Inner Disturbance With Meditation Practice

3-Mins To A Serene Mind: Overcome Inner Disturbance With Meditation Practice

How Do You Overcome Stress And Depression? How To Find Inner Peace?

Written by Tavishi Dogra |Updated : July 19, 2022 7:01 PM IST

Millions of people suffer from depression and stress every day, but there is a way to overcome these issues. The first step is recognizing your problem, understanding what mental wellness is and then working towards addressing it. After that, you can overcome depression and stress and find inner peace. One of the essential truths you need to know is that stressful states after prolonged indulgence can lead to depression and mental health problems. Spiritual Leader Sri Preethaji, Co-creator - Ekam & Author - The Four Sacred Secrets shares a simple 3-minute practice that will help you overcome your inner disturbance?

What Is Mental Wellness?

Mental wellness is being able to escape any emotional disturbance or stressful state quickly and easily. It's at ease with your appearance, stature, and choices. It's also being able to pay attention to what someone is saying and how they feel. Lastly, mental wellness is driven by a purpose that includes your well-being and the well-being of others.

What Is Depression?

Depression should not be taken lightly.

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  1. The first sign of depression is when these unpleasant emotions become persistent moods that keep invading you for days and weeks. It may be what the world calls depression, which means your emotional state is affecting your neural chemistry and neurophysiology in ways that your brain is not returning to a state of health quickly.
  2. The second sign could be a continuous dullness, disinterest, no energy and no initiative.
  3. The third sign could be an unexplainable crazy excitement alternating with terrible feelings of low.
  4. Finally, the fourth sign could be a painful sense of meaninglessness. Whether you are an achiever or a failure, in a relationship or alone, everything suddenly loses delight. It is as if the world of colour has now suddenly become grey.

These signs should not be ignored. Depression is a severe condition that can harm every aspect of life. We don't want you to emerge from depression with some socially manageable dullness or get stuck in it.

Why Depression?

  • Depression can begin as a habit of engaging in stressful states. A propensity for depression can also start right at birth itself. If a child is rejected right at birth or is not held lovingly at birth- the stress chemicals continue to flood their systems for a long time. This could also begin as anger, sadness, loneliness or a longing for love as a child or in later years. It could start with a traumatic experience.
  • But the problem is that neither our education, our societies, our religion, nor our families teach us how to walk out of painful emotional states. There is no value attached to mental health. All humankind is bothered about is the external - only your achievements. Living in these same stress states, your neurones get addicted to those stress chemicals. They hunger for those stress chemicals. So habits from the mind level move on to the brain - your physical brain.

3 Mins To A Serene Mind

If you find that you're frequently giving into mental disturbance, it's time to set a vision for your inner state of being. This means working towards walking out of these negative emotions and finding peace within yourself. All it takes is 3 min to a Serene Mind.

  1. Please sit still with your spine erect. Gently close your eyes.
  2. Practice conscious breathing for three cycles.
  3. Recognize the exact emotion that is arising within you now. Is it irritation, anxiety, confusion, gratitude, or Joy?
  4. Now move your attention to your eyebrow centre.
  5. Visualize a tiny flame move from your eyebrow centre into the centre of your brain for a few moments.
  6. You can open your eyes when you feel ready.

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