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Would you try these 15 shocking beauty treatments?

Women go to great lengths to look beautiful. Here are some shocking beauty treatments.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : April 21, 2014 12:45 PM IST

shocking beautyWomen lay so much emphasis on their appearance that sometime they try bizarre treatments like snail facial. shares a list of horrifying beauty treatments and products:

- The tapeworm diet: It was first advertised in the early 1900s as a way to lose weight, while still eating what your want. But it comes with health risks like meningitis and epilepsy. It's now banned in the US.

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- The vampire facial: This beauty treatment certainly goes well with the Halloween spirit. It involves drawing out blood from one's body and then injecting it back in the person's face. It is believed that since one's own blood is used, it creates platelet-rich plasma which smoothes out fine lines and the appearance of wrinkles. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian had given it a try once. The results are said to be instant you so can go for this treatment just before your Halloween party.

- The Siberian snail facial: It is believed that snail slime is the secret to beautiful skin.

- The facewaver exercise mask: The Japanese product is said to be helpful in stretching and tightening the face and cheeks. This helps to do away with anti-ageing signs like wrinkles. All you need to do is sing while wearing the mask for five minutes. (Read: 5 bizarre beauty treatments that spooked us out)

Here are some more:

-Cryotherapy treatment: How would you like to freeze your body for some time? If that is your idea of fun, then try cryotherapy which essentially involves exposing yourself to extremely low temperatures (as low as -140 degrees) for a short duration of time. Apparently, this eliminates toxins from the body, helps regenerate tissues and stimulates collagen production. A celebrity who's tried it is Demi Moore.

-Leech therapy: In this, slimy leeches are placed on your face and neck to let them detoxify your blood, leaving you with a fresher and younger looking feeling. Medically, a few variety of leeches have been used to cure a few diseases and now they are being used for cosmetic purposes as well. Demi Moore once admitted she let leeches such on her blood to look younger.

-Fire facial: If extreme cold is not your cup of tea, try extreme heat. In fire facials, a towel soaked in alcohol and a secret elixir is put on the face and then the towel is lit-up for some time before it is extinguished. It is believed that fire creates extreme heat which can treat the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin, fine lines, etc by altering one's body's chemistry due to the adrenalin response.

-Joker smile surgery: Want to emulate the joker with a permanently fixed smile on your face, even when you are sad? This is what the joker smile surgery will do for you. The procedure will curl up the corners of your lips by altering your facial muscles and their setting especially the jaw muscles which are responsible for giving you a droopy smile as they pull the lips downwards.

-Placenta face masks: This face mask uses stem cells from a sheep's placenta to boost collagen and tighten the skin.

-Sperm facial: Research points out that a component called spermine present in semen is rich in anti-oxidants and when applied on the face, can prevent the skin from ageing and give it a smoother texture.

-Bee venom: This treatment supposedly smoothes out wrinkles and fools the skin to produce more collagen by rushing the blood by creating a stinging feeling. (Read: Top 10 bizarre anti-ageing treatments)

-Bird poo facial: Bird droppings are put on your face mixed with other ingredients to prevent the skin from ageing. Also known as the Geisha Facial as it originated in Japan, many celebs have undergone this treatment to look younger including style icon Victoria Beckham aka Posh.

-Cactus massage: Nope, don't worry; the thorns are removed from the leaf before the treatment. This massage is supposed to detoxify the skin and hydrate and heal it too. it is available at many spa clinics around the world.

-Urine therapy: After reading about bird poo and semen facials, this might seem less disgusting. Urine therapy involves drinking or applying one's own piss on the face and neck. A repulsing thought but it is believed to have anti-ageing properties giving one glowing and wrinkle-free skin.

-Solid gold facial: Rather than a cringe this facial will perhaps bring a smile to your lips. In earlier days, Chinese women would rub a small roller made of gold on their faces which helped in the cell renewal process and stimulated collagen production. Keeping this in mind, the solid gold facial uses a mask made of 24 karat gold and a serum with gold flakes in it which hydrates and smoothes the skin instantly.

What stars do to ensure they look their best

To look their best, Hollywood stars are offered to undergo beauty treatments that range from expensive to eccentric. From treatments like black diamond nail varnish which costs a whopping $250,000 (Rs 1.3 crore approximately), to weird facials with bird poo and bull testicles, stars do all kinds of things to ensure they look radiant on the red carpet.

Demi Moore confessed she once underwent a treatment wherein leeches were put on her skin to detoxify her blood. While Gwyneth Paltrow once arrived at the Academy Awards with bruises on her back from a kind of acupuncture done for lowering stress and increasing blood flow. Men too haven't been far behind. X Factor andAmerican Idol judge Simon Cowell was reportedly carrying pocket-sized inhalable oxygen shots to sustain his looks. (Read: Stars seek bird poo facials and Vampire FaceLift for Oscars)

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