Women are shaving their faces to get glowing skin!

Those have tried shaving their face say it gives them perfectly exfoliated and smooth skin.

We are not lying! Women are shaving their faces. Face shaving is a new trend, started by the beauty gurus and it has taken over the internet. It claims to clean out all the dead skin on your face and give your face a new glow and smoothness. In short, it is shaving off the outermost layer of dead skin from your face. You must be wondering whether it is the similar kind of shaving that men do-- the answer is yes. We have seen some of them doing it without shaving cream, which apparently is the right way of doing it. This process also clears off the hair from your face.The results are mind-blowing; they seem to have smoother exfoliated skin, from what we can see. Many beauty bloggers claim that celebrities like Marilyn Monroe also used this method. Don't believe us? See this:

How is it done?: You need to wash your face and pat dry.If you listen to the bloggers they use eyebrow razor for the process, some even use the 'Ustara' for this. Then on the dry skin using short, swift motions at 45-degree angle, you need to scrape away the dead skin. You can see the dry flakes and dirt coming out. However, some even use shaving cream and then shave using the regular razor. Also, even though we see amazing results all over the internet we are not very sure about how good it is for your skin BUT again, we won't deny that the results shown by the beauty bloggers are breathtaking. One essential thing to keep in mind is that just like normal shaving, once the facial hair grows back you'll have to do it again(this has been mentioned everywhere). Most beauty bloggers use the eyebrow razor for this, like this:

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Some are also doing it with the normal razor.

Some have also tried using coconut oil before shaving:

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