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Winter hair fall: Is seasonal hair loss a myth or fact?

Is winter taking a toll on your hair? Trichologist Dr Priya Mohod lets us in on what goes on on your scalp during winter.

Written by Sandhya Raghavan |Updated : April 29, 2019 1:14 PM IST

Hair fall is a natural phenomenon where old hair falls off, giving space for the new hair to grow. But in the cooler months, we notice that there are too many strands on our hairbrush and too little on our scalp. While winter is great for bonfire parties, hot beverages and fried food, it is not exactly a party for your scalp.

There seems to be a spike in the amount of hair we lose during these months, apart from the constant itchiness and flakiness. Is winter to be blamed for our ordeal? To find out, we spoke to trichologist Dr Priya Mohod to understand why we lose so much hair during the winter months.

Is it true that you have more hair loss during winter?

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It is definitely not a myth. Hair fall does happen a lot in the winter months, states the doctor. Being mammals, we undergo hair fall during the onset of winter [1].However, certain other seasonal changes in winter also contribute towards hair loss.

What happens to your scalp during winters?

Winter months are particularly rough on the scalp. Dryness and flakiness tend to make the hair roots weak, which causes the hair to fall off according to Dr Mohod. Winter is also the time when fungal infections thrive, giving rise to a host of scalp problems. The doctor adds, These microbes can cause dandruff which leads to more hair fall.

Does seasonal hair fall affect women more than men?

According to the doctor, no gender is immune from the seasonal problem. When it comes to hair fall, the season affects both men and women in a similar manner. So both experience hair fall during the winters, says the doctor.

How to reduce hair fall during winters?

Hygiene is an important factor: Wash your hair more often to keep your scalp clean. The doctor advises against using store bought shampoos. They have higher levels of sulphate. Opt for a medicated one instead, says Dr Mohod.

Avoid stepping out with oil in your hair: The doctor adds, If you step out with oily hair, dust, pollution and dirt may stick to it, which can worsen the condition. Oil should be kept on the scalp only for 10-15 minutes or overnight before washing it off thoroughly.

Cover your hair: Draping a shawl or a dupatta around your hair will keep it safe from direct sunlight and other irritants that may affect the scalp.

These small tips can help your hair tide over the harsh winter months effectively. Find out more winter hair care tips.

References: 1. Hamad, F. A. Seasonal hair loss.

Image source: Shutterstock

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