10 winter care tips your skin will thank you for!

Avoid dry skin this winter with these expert tips.

During winter, nearly everyone suffers from dull and dry skin. Luckily, there are ways to keep this under control. Read below for some quick tips on keeping dry skin at bay.

Modify your skincare routine

It is very easy to continue your summer skin routine for winter too, unfortunately, this will just worsen skin s dryness. For soft gorgeous skin, you will have to modify everything from your face wash to your toner, specifically for this season.

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Tip #1: Pick the right face wash: Avoid a foaming wash during the dry weather. Foam usually means the presence of sulphate detergents which are known to cause and worsen dry skin. Look for gentle cleansing lotions, creams or oils with soothing properties for best results advises Dr Kiran.

Tip #2: Change your moisturiser: In winters, skin needs an extra dose of moisture. Says Dr Kiran, 'Most people continue using gels or lotions from the summer and find that their skin still feels tight and dry after using them. Instead, look for a rich moisturising cream that will make your skin feel moist and supple, and use it as often as you need to.'

Tip #3: Don't forget to apply sunscreen: Just because it is winter doesn't mean you can stop applying sunscreen. 'The sun contains UVA and UVB rays which reduce the moisture in the skin causing it to become drier. So look for a sunscreen with SPF 30 or above with at least a PA++ rating,' advises Dr Kiran. (Read: Home remedies for winter skincare)

Get the right treatment

Make sure you see your dermatologist who can prescribe you any medications or treatments you may need to get your skin moist and glowing.

Tip #4: Red RX Facial: Says Dr. Kiran, 'Some clinics provide a Red RX Facial designed to naturally get skin looking moist and supple in just 40 minutes with long-lasting results. Using mesoinfusions of hyaluronic acid, an ultra-advanced biosaccharide mask and natural collagen boosting and soothing LED light, the Red Rx usually soothes dry skin woes. Make sure the clinics are using professional-grade products for best results.' Know how to get rid of common skincare problems during the cold weather, here.

The magic of home remedies

Home remedies can also come in handy if you know how and what to use. Here's what you can do.

Tip #5: Night face mask: If you want to add more glow to your skin this winter, try this face pack recommended by Blossom Kochhar. Before going to bed, mix a tbsp of milk cream or malai and add a few drops of castor oil, rose water and glycerine to it. Now apply this on your face, and if extra, massage on your neck and hands as well. Leave it to dry overnight. Wash it with cold water in the morning.

Tip #6: Lip care: Lips tend to get extremely dry in winter. If you do not want to apply the lip balm available to buy, you can make one yourself at home using natural ingredients such as lemon, honey, petroleum jelly and more. Here are 4 types of lip balms you can make.

Fix your diet

Your diet plays an important role in your skin's moisture levels. Here are a few ways you can keep your skin supple.

Tip #7: Drink enough water: Winter is the time when we fail to consume enough water as we do not feel thirsty. 'Proper hydration will ensure that enough moisture and nutrients are delivered to your skin. This means drinking around 8 glasses of water is a must,' says Dr Kiran Lohia, a US-trained MD specialising in dermatology. If you still can't get yourself to drink enough water, here are 7 ways to boost your water intake.

Tip #8: Up your omega-3 fatty acids intake: According to Dr. Kiran, you are what you eat! One important nutrient is omega-3 fatty acids, which are naturally present in your skin s external barrier layer. This lipid helps keep the skin intact, preventing important nutrients and water from leaving. Foods that contain this important ingredient include walnuts, salmon and flaxseed.

Alter your lifestyle

Simple changes in your lifestyle will help improve your skin significantly.

Tip #9: Exercise regularly: 'One important component to add to your routine is regular exercise. Not only will exercise help you reduce your stress, it will also increase blood flow to the skin, allowing more nutrients to be delivered,' she says. Here are some useful skincare tips to keep your skin healthy.

Tip #10: Go easy on alcoholic drinks: Alcohol can dehydrate your skin and make it look puffy and dry the next day. With lack of moisture and dryness, your skin can look very wrinkly and dull. Therefore, restrict your alcohol intake and make sure you hydrate yourself well to avoid its ill-effects to show up on your face.

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