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7 reasons to remove your make-up before you sleep

चेहर्याेला मॉइश्चरायझिंग व क्लिंग्जिंग केल्यानंतर त्यावर मेक-अप करणे चुकीचे आहे. शक्य तितके नैसर्गिक सौंदर्य ठेवा. आवश्यकता भासल्यास नॅचरल लिप बामचा वापर करा.

We are all lazy at some point to remove our make-up but here are 7 reasons you should remove your make-up just before you sleep.

Written by Pavitra Sampath |Updated : October 27, 2015 5:00 PM IST

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There have been many nights when I have simply forgotten to remove my make-up (that I was wearing the entire day). Sometimes it's pure fatigue and other times I'm just lazy. But whatever the reason, I have come to realise that keeping make-up on while I sleep is one of the worst things I can do to my skin. Now that I know the issues with doing that, I will definitely spare some time to remove it before I call it a day! Here are 7 reasons removing make-up before bed is the best thing you can do for your skin.

The chemicals are bad for you

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Whatever type of make-up you use -- be it for sensitive skin, organic or the mineral kind -- they all have chemicals that can harm your skin. These chemicals, when kept on your skin for a long time tend to penetrate it and can cause long-term damage. Apart from causing wrinkles, other signs of ageing, making your eyelashes brittle and stopping the natural repair mechanism of your skin, these chemicals also block the natural secretion of sebum (the natural lubricant and moisturiser that your skin produces) leading to instant problems (like pimples) and long-term damage.

Can give rise to pimples or acne

Your skin has a large number of pores on it and your face especially has more than most parts of your body. When you allow make up to stay on your skin overnight, it blocks these pores that are responsible for the production of sebum. This sebum is responsible, not only for lubricating your skin, but it also helps remove dead skin cells and pollutants from your skin. Make-up blocks these pores and in turn leads to pimples as the blocked sebum mixed with chemicals and pollutants on your skin cause the pores to get infected and inflamed -- causing pimples.

May cause eye irritation and infections

Apart from removing make up on your face, getting rid of make-up that you have applied in and around your eyes is essential. This is because the chemicals present in eye make-up can cause eye irritation, allergic reactions, infections and even lead to your eyelashes becoming brittle and falling out.

Ages the skin very quickly

Make up slows down the renewal process that your skin goes through as you sleep. Your skin, coated with make-up is unable to breathe and the chemicals that permeate the skin interfere with the natural repair mechanism. Apart from that, the make-up along with the environmental pollutants stuck to it, when left on your skin give rise to oxidative stress that attack your skin with harmful free radicals. This damages the molecular structure of your skin and decreases the production of collagen (a compound that helps keep your skin healthy, elastic and line free) making your skin age faster.

Leads to dry skin

Since make-up blocks your pores and slows down the production of sebum, this leads to dry skin, which further worsens the way you look. Dry skin also slows down the repair process, which causes the formation of wrinkles and duller more tired looking skin.

Can cause skin irritation

According to experts, the more sensitive your skin, the more likely you are to suffer from red patches of irritated skin. This is can happen despite using make-up made specially for sensitive skin. The reason? Well, when you sleep without removing make-up the chemicals in the make-up, the dirt from the environment sticks to it and other chemicals get locked in, increasing the amount of irritants that are present on your skin. This leads to an allergic reaction which causes reddened and irritated skin. Apart from this, the skin also becomes extremely dry which worsens the irritation and may cause it to spread.

Larger dirtier pores

When you leave make-up on it causes your pores to get clogged with dirt and left over make-up. These pores become larger as the skin loses its elasticity since it is dry, cannot produce collagen and repair itself. Over time these clogged pores become larger and more visible. This not only looks unsightly but also allows the entry of infections.

Tips to protect your skin as you remove make-up

There are a number of make-up removers that you can buy but there are a few things you should take into consideration.

  • For water proof make-up use an oil based remover.
  • Use a special eye make up remover for mascara, eyeliner and kaajal.
  • For waterproof eye make-up, take a cotton pad soaked in the remover and hold it over your closed eye for a few seconds. This will give the remover a little bit of time to melt the make-up.
  • Your daily cleanser is usually good enough to get rid of foundation and concealer. If you don't want to use an artificial cleanser, try using some warm milk instead. This is not only healthy but also cheap.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes and face to remove make-up. Be gentle.
  • In the case of lipstick, use your eye make-up remover to get rid of it. After you have removed it apply some petroleum jelly or ghee to help keep your lips moisturised.

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