Why sheer is the new make-up trend in town

Make-up never looked so minimal and yet so glamorous. Sheer make-up is the trend this season and you go to know all about it!

Reese Witherspoon sheer make-upA make-up trend that is making heads turn in the fashion arena is the minimal, sheer-faced look. Hollywood celebs like Amy Adams, Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon and many others have made this look popular recently.

The idea with the minimal look is to augment one's best feature while keeping the rest of the look basic and simple. To get the look right, one can opt for a sheer base with slight eye make-up and pastel shades for the lips along with a slight wash of colour for the cheeks.

Here are steps to get the sheer look:

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  • Wear a thin liquid base foundation for medium coverage, make sure you apply a little amount as the idea is to keep it as natural as possible. Add a dust of compact powder to seal the base and settle the foundation.
  • Apply a little soft, pastel coloured blush on the cheeks so that you do not look pale.
  • Next, an eyeshadow in a single colour is enough to bring radiance on one's face. It is important to select an eyeshadow in a muted tone to keep it looking natural.
  • Using a small amount of eyeliner can also be beneficial as it will contrast with one's face and will make one look fairer. So, define your eyes with a thin layer of eyeliner. A thin layer of mascara and groomed brows add definition to one's eyes.
  • Finish with a hint of soft pink, coral colour on the lips and gloss just at the centre of the lips.
  • Another way to carry off the nude look is by flaunting really soft bronzed cheeks and a bold lip colour in red, fuchsia, orange, berry, etc. Add a thin layer of eyeliner to get a look perfect for those summer evenings.

Tips to keep in mind

For a soft, minimal look during the day, one can look at preparing the base as stated above and then, add a hint of coral on the cheeks if you have fair skin. A darker hue of pink is more suited for medium to tanned skin, as it brightens the face. It is advised not to use coloured eyeliners, or bright shades of lip colours while aiming for the minimal look.

One can focus on accentuating a single feature at a time. For a lot of Indians, eyes are their best facial feature, in which case, one can only use mascara, coupled with an eyeliner. Do not go overboard by highlighting more than one feature at any time.

If one is opting for highlighting bright lips, one should avoid a stark coloured or a heavy blush. If you possess excellent bone structure, using a soft bronzer along with a blush to define the cheeks is a good option to highlight the cheekbones.

It is recommended not to experiment with smokey eyes, while going for a minimalist look. Always wear a nude lip colour and lots of lip gloss.

While working on the nude look, one can sport a look with groomed heavy brows, and a little bit of mascara topped up with a white eye-pencil. Add flush of colour to the cheeks and a medium pink/coral/nude tone on lips this is a popular look for day time.

It is also important to always outline one's lips when wearing a shade of lipstick, both during day and evening. For properly defined lips, one may not need to emphasize the eyes and face much.

Wear a sun-kissed look by applying a hint of bronzer (matte) on the eyelids, cheeks, chin and jawline during day time. Wear a bronze, taupe, nude shade on lips to compliment the skin.

If one is planning to flaunt the look for a formal occasion, one can complement the same with a top knot or a clean ponytail during evenings, dinners or for lunches.

For minimal make-up look, one can keep their hair open in straight or curly texture. Even side braids, fishtails work well with soft skin, freshly flushed cheek.

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